The standard Feng Shui archetypes work well without much conversion effort. The gamemaster may wish to make sure that one character in the party has a starship of some sort, if appropriate— such as a Smuggler based on the Maverick Cop having a small freighter.

Note that the color of a Jedi’s lightsaber is based on the crystal or crystals they choose to build into the saber. Of course, being on the Dark Side of the Force might make someone prefer rubies to emeralds...

Young Jedi

based on Scrappy Kid


You are young, but strong in the Force. Perhaps one day you will learn to wield a lightsaber...

Attributes: Bod = 4, Chi = 7, Mnd 6, Ref 8

Add two points to one primary attribute, and one to another.

Skills:Martial Arts +8 (=13)
Deceit +2 (8)
Martial Arts +4 (=12)
Jedi +6 (=11)
Intrusion +2 (=10)
Usual Info schticks

Spheres: Pick one Force sphere.

Schticks: Pick one Fu or weapon schtick. (You do not have a lightsaber yet.)

Brash Jedi

based on Magic Cop

“But I was gonna go into Mos Eisley to pick up some power converters!”

You are a brash young warrior, good with your guns and your fists, with a talent for the Force. You carry both a blaster and the lightsaber bequeathed to you by the old Jedi who died before he was able to teach you more than the basics of using the Force.

Attributes: Bod 5, Chi 0 (Force = 8), Mnd 5, Ref 5

Add six points to primary attributes, no more than three at a time.

Skills: Martial Arts +8 (=13)
Jedi +4 (=12)
Guns +7 (=12)
Pilot +6 (11)
Info / ? +3 (8)

Add 8 skill bonuses; swap Guns and Martial Arts AV if desired.

Spheres: Pick two Force spheres.

Schticks: Pick 2 weapon or Fu schticks.

Quick Schtick Picks: Divination, Movement, Lightsaber, Prodigious Leap.

Wealth: working stiff.

Failed Jedi

based on Karate Cop

“I got oneness with the Force right here in this bottle.”

You were trained as a Jedi before the fall of the old Republic, but your nerve broke when Emperor Palpatine sent out Darth Vader to eliminate the last of the Jedi Knights. You hid out in the oblivion of alcohol. You’ve lost a lot of brain cells since, but haven’t forgotten your training entirely. Now a group of young rebels needs your help, and you have a chance at redemption...

Attributes: Bod 5, Chi 0 (Force = 8), Mnd 5, Ref 5

Add 3 to one primary, 2 to another; 2 to one secondary, 1 to another.

Skills: Martial Arts +9 (=14)
Jedi +5 (=13)
Traveller +6 (11)
Detective +4 (9)

Add 6 skill bonuses.

Spheres: Pick three Force spheres.

Schticks: Pick two Fu schticks.