Rounds generally correspond to sequences, though simple actions only take three shots as usual.


Star Wars tries for somewhat more realistic healing than Feng Shui. The SW categories of wounded, wounded twice, incapacitated, and mortally wounded correspond to characters who have reached 15 points of damage, who have reached –1 Impairment, who have reached –2 Impairment, and who have ended up rolling down into the Shuffling Off Mortal Coil chart. You normally rest three days before rolling to recover from wounds, two weeks for recovering from incapacitation, and a month for recovering from a mortal wound. (Bacta tanks and the Force can speed this up considerably.)

In this adaptation, healing takes a number of hours based on the wound points recovered as a result of a Medicine or Force Healing roll. Force Healing recovers Wound Points at three per hour; Medicine recovers them at one per hour (or four per hour in a bacta tank, six per hour with a Jedi accelerating your healing while you’re in a bacta tank). Healing, as usual for Feng Shui, heals your Action Result in Wound Points.


The Star Wars universe runs at a much higher lethality than Feng Shui. The compromise here is that healing takes longer between combats, and that the default weapons do more damage. Named characters can still take a few good blaster hits before they’re hospitalized, though; just keep in mind that merely taking 13 points of damage against your Toughness means you ducked out of the way of the bolt and it just winged you. (After all, getting hit square on represents you being at AV 0 for defense, so you’d take the gunman’s AV plus the weapon’s damage!)
KnifeStr + 2 Slugthrower9/2/6
Vibro-bladeStr + 6 Holdout Blaster9/1/6
Vibro-axeStr + 7 Blaster Pistol11/2/100
Lightsaber13** Heavy Blaster Pistol13/3/25
Bowcaster11/5/6 Blaster Carbine13/4/100
Light Repeating Blaster15/7/25 Blaster Rifle13/5/100
E-Web Repeating Blaster19 Sporting Blaster10/2/50
Sporting Blaster Rifle12/5/100

Note that a lightsaber does its damage based on being an energy beam, not on the strength with which it is wielded. ** Weapons marked with two asterisks take down unnamed characters on an Outcome of 3.