Spoilers Relating to Parma Argenta

The Fall of Radis Magica

(This was done by some corrupt Diabolist Odinites. More info on request.)

Less Obvious Virtues, Flaws, and Skills

Adept Student
Inventive Genius
Personal Vis Source: Vim, from crystalline tears he sheds while dreaming

Weak Self-Confidence
Sensitive: Disrespect for Knowledge
Wierd Magic
Incompatible Arts: PeIg

Parma Magica 5 (Perdo)
Finesse 5 (Accuracy)
Penetration 4 (Rego)
Concentration 5 (Ignoring Pain)
Meditation 4 (Controlling Emotions)
Certamen 3 (Vim)

Those Frightening Arts


Parma's Enchanted Items

His Ring

This ring is magically toughened to the equivalent of good steel rather than obsidian. It allows the ability to see through even total darkness, and it has the power once per day to create a region of darkness 15 paces around the wearer and 30 paces in front (two near-range spheres joined and filled in to be convex).

His Talisman Staff

Although at this point Parma has not activated his staff as a talisman, it has been "opened" with 103 pawns of vis and is therefore ready to hold more enchantments than he is likely to put into it. Currently it has the following enchantments:
Vis HoldingIt can absorb and hold up to 5 pawns of vis. Normally Parma keeps one or more pawns of Corpus vis in it.
Breath of InvigorationThis is an improved version of the spell, enchanted into the staff by a faerie healer. It can be cast at will, using vis held in the staff or touched by the user, and there is no roll required for success.
WardingThe staff has been protected with a level 50 Re(all forms) enchantment, which is always on and which adds 50 to its soak against any attack.

Essence of Muddiness

This carefully-sealed small stone bottle contains the magical Essence of Muddiness, which was created by a Faerie Hag. One drop is enough to muddy a decent-sized pond or small lake; the whole bottle could turn a patch of dry land into a swamp for a while.

Skullcap of Maintaining

This is a leather skullcap enchanted to "concentrate" on a spell. It is usable freely, and can immediately begin holding a conc. spell for Parma as it drops a different one, or even yield concentration on one spell back to Parma as it takes over a different one. The only limitation is that it can only hold onto one spell, no higher than level 30.

Lapis' Collar

Although it is not likely to be seen, lapis wears a gaudy magical collar with several enchantments on it. It was opened with 32 pawns of vis, so there is plenty of room for Parma to add more enchantments. The collar is of leather, with pieces of jade, copper, agate, bloodstone, clam shell, jasper, jet, magnetite, opal, rock crystal, clear glass, quartz, ruby, sapphire, and amber. Currently it has these powers:
Sense Wearer's WillThe collar can respond to the wearer's will rather than requiring a command word or gesture to activate each power.
Change ShapeThe collar stretches or shrinks to fit the wearer when the latter changes shape.
InvisibilityThe collar itself is invisible while it is worn
WardingThe collar itself has been enchanted (MuAn) to be very tough, with +30 soak.
Ward Against the ElementsThe wearer has +20 soak, and ignores damage whose rolls are less than or equal to +20, from natural/magical sources. It doesn't stop worked weapons.
Vis HoldingThe collar can absorb and hold up to 5 pawns of vis. Normally Parma keeps it topped off with 5 pawns of Corpus.
Breath of InvigorationThis is an improved version of the spell, enchanted into the collar by a faerie healer. It can be cast at will, using vis held in the staff or touched by the user, and there is no roll required for success. Note that it does not have an An requisite, so Lapis can only restore his fatigue while shapechanged to human form.
The Travelling ThistledownThis is a variant on the standard spell, with both An and Co requisites, and with an extra rank of power devoted to smoothing the wind along the subject's body - that is, the spell is designed to avoid ruffling a cat's fur. (That's important!) The effect can be used 3 times a day.

Occulis Lapis

Lapis is size -1, and has Magic Might 21 (but note that Shared Protection modifies this). His Stealth is 5 (hunting), he has Perfect Balance 3 (rocks), and general catlike skills at 2 with appropriate specialties. He has a magical ability to hide and camoflauge, and a strange "safety sense" that relates people, circumstances, and things "degree of danger" along the lines of "how good of footing they are". The sense itself is hard to describe well, and if one tries to ask Occulis about it one will discover that he is Incomprehensible on the subject. Not surprising for Parma's familiar, he seems to be immune to Parma's Warped Magic and similar effects, and is quite in tune with the Enigmatic.

Parma and Lapis have these Bond Qualities: (someday Parma wants to retemper the bonds to make the Shapechange less fatiguing and the Unlimited Bond become Transcendent Bond. These are both house rules. The latter means that the bond would even reach across the boundaries of Arcadia or the Spirit World.)

Formulaic Spells

Not all of these are in AM3 or the WG; such should be described here on the Amurgsval site eventually. The couple of spells that Parma has mastered are in boldface.

The Crystal Dart
Wizard's Sidestep
Circle of Warriors (flawed - we disagree with the Grimoire) ReTe25
Ring of Unseen Warriors ReTe35
Sight of the Transparent Motive
Chirurgeon's Healing Touch
Wizard's Boost 20
Spell Analysis 20, 45
Maintenance of the Demanding Spell
The Travelling Thistledown
Rise of the Feathery Body
Wings of the Soaring Wind
The Unseen Plinth ReTe30
Piercing Gaze of Vulcan InTe(CR any other forms)35
Wizard's Focus 45 (experimental side benefit: spells cast under this effect are mastered)
The Incantation of Lightning
Demon's Eternal Oblivion 30
Image from the Wizard Twinned ReInImCo30
The Instant Intangible Tunnel that Pierces the Veil 35 ReVi35
Broom of the Winds
Ear for Veiled Voices InImVi30
Painful Blinding of the Malificent Beast PeAn35
Piercing Shaft of Bone ReAn30
The Travellers' Circle ReCo45
True Sight of the Elements InAqAuIgTe35
Whispers of the Minds ReInMe30
The Wizard Wishbone InAnVi45
The Unseen Splint ReInCo35
Ward against Corruption of the Body 35 ReCo35
The Bounty of the River CrHe30
Disguise of the Putrid Aroma
Ward against Beasts of Legend 25
Disguise of the Putrid Aura ReAn25
Circle of Beast Warding
Forceful Call of the Beast to Slumber
Viper's Gaze