Titles, Posts, and Duties of the Magi of Amurgsval

The major classifications of magus at the covenant of Amurgsval are largely based on seniority and have little in the way of formal privileges other than status at the annual vis shareout:
Magus EmeritusThe magus has honorably exited the covenant and the mortal world, either by death or Final Twilight.
Senior MasterThe magus has performed great services, such as founding the covenant, and is greatly respected. All existing magi emeriti were senior masters previously.
Junior MasterThe magus belongs to the covenant and has trained or is training at least one apprentice.
Junior MagusThe standard neophyte rank in Amurgsval. All freshly graduated apprentices are junior magi.
There are a number of specific titles at the covenant, held by particular individuals and carrying actual duties:
GeomancerMaintains and expands the aura and standing-stone network. A title not much mentioned outside Amurgsval, as their application of geomancy! might draw unwelcome attention.
BardKeeps histories, genealogies, records of legal decisions, immortalizing in poetry and song. Oversees artists.
DefenderHandles turb, military defenses, tactical leadership; to be obeyed under fire.
Warden of the Four TreasuresDetermines who wields the Four Treasures!. This title is not much mentioned outside Amurgsval.
Elder TheoreticianDetermines safety of magical workings, can order folks to take their experiments out of the valley. Has authority over the library, scriptorium!, and negotiations to expand the library.
PontifexWork in any matter requiring an ambassador to members of the Fair Folk or arrange a delegation. Right and duty of being the person people consult before engaging in new interactions with the Good Neighbors. If a problem comes up that appears to involve the Good Neighbors, he is responsible for seeing that the problem gets dealt with, he can give orders to other magi that can only be countermanded by a full council if there is time to call one.
Master-BrewerBrews beer, runs vis sources inside the regio, and runs vis shareout.
High PriestHandles religious ceremonies, ministers to the covenfolk, and foreign gods. Responsible for interacting with Tharviz' regio. (Given the nature of the Christian God, this position does not have to deal with it.)
NecromancerConsults and advises in all matters concerning the occult and undead. Has authority in all matters concerning raising of and interaction with the undead.
All positions must appear in person to give reports at Samhain, when the Aegis ritual is cast; those failing to report are subject to censure by the Amurgsval council.