“Really Scary” Narya, Wilderwalker, Baroness of Wolfpaths, Knight of Windia and Üblar 4365 XP, 3856 spent

Hook: Someone has to maintain the balance between man and nature. I do my part.

Body 8 Chi 12 Mind 9 Reflexes 8
Toughness 8 (12*) Attunement 12 Intelligence 9 Agility 8
Constitution 9 Magic 12 Perception 10 Manual Dexterity 8
Strength 8 Kung Fu 12 Willpower 10 Speed 8 (10*)
Move 8 Fortune 12 Charisma 9
Name Stat Bonus AV
Martial Arts (hand, staff, sword, boomerang, fencing, throwing, lance) Agility +10 18
Bows (bows, slings) Dexterity +8 16
Ranging Perception +8 18
Theurgy Attunement +6 18
Info/Ecology (Élas, Sheflek, Durak, Rayleen, Khoras, crystal) Intelligence +5 14
Info/Dragonlore Intelligence +1 10
Alertness Perception +8 18
Awareness Perception +8 18
Healing Attunement +4 16
Intimidation Charisma +9 18
Leadership Charisma +4 13
Dreaming Willpower +8 18
Sailing (sailboats, blimps, skyships) Dexterity +4 12
Riding (birds, dragons, horses) Dexterity +2 10
Craft/Music (shakuhachi, taiko) Dexterity +8 16
Craft/Cooking Intelligence +3 12
Craft/Dancing Agility +4 12
Craft/Woodcarving Dexterity +1 9
Craft/Armory Intelligence +1 10
Gambling Fortune +6 18
Intrusion Agility +1 9
Info/Storm Wind Philosophy Intelligence +3 12
Info/Elven Court Etiquette Intelligence +3 12
Info/The Toleen Intelligence +1 10
Magic Spheres
Life Wolves, oaks, dragons, salmon, owls, bees, mountain boulders, earthworms, telepathic crystal chandelier colony consciousness.
Life II Partial shapeshifting, free passage.
Life III Natural awareness, merge forms.
Divination Seeking patterns in local animal and plant life or using their mystic properties to gain results.
Divination II Scrying, communion with Nature.
Weather Commanding the fury of the elements. Comes with lightning blast.
Chi Dispel magic, soul mask, magic disruption blast.
Blast I + II Animate object (animals attack/plants strike, ball lightning). Hindrance (plant entanglement [vs str], hyperfocused attention [vs wil], encase in ice [vs str], water bloat [vs con], covered in mochi [vs str]). Cold (wind chill). Ice (hail). Wind. Thunder. Lightning Flash. Desert heat. Sandstorm. Wave. Earthquake Wave. Sun spear. Scythe of the Moon. Lightning Strike. Falling Star. Life. Decay. Sleep (vs Con). Sunfire. Roots. Whitefire. Toxic Karma. Water. Radiance. Thorns. Nettles (impairment vs. con). Treasure extraction (while touching a dragon). Ice shard. Waterspout. Fire (dragon breath). Spontaneous Combustion (vs. Con). Fever impairment (vs. Con). Drain magic (works as stat drain). Mochi impairment vs. vocal skills (Cha). Mochi drains from powerstone as per create food.
Summoning Calling on the spirits.
Summoning II Channeling power.
Summoning III Contacting higher powers.
Blessing Invoking the powers of Nature to intercede.
Light Light of the sun and moon.
Chance Harvest chi, accident blast, Mage’s Retreat (1 mojo, 1 shot, +5 dodge).
Time Entropy blast, haste, slow, temporal stasis, Blast Without Shadow (1 mojo), temporal dodge (1 mojo, 1 shot, +3 vs. all attacks).
Unicorn Strength, steadfastness, and martial prowess; opposed by Heart.
Rainbow Mutation, variety, and mania; opposed by Chocolate.
Star Light, bludgeoning, impact, and guidance; opposed by Marshmallow. Her staff is an effective focus for this.
Melee Schticks
Razor-Edged Senses+2 perception AV when spotting ambushes, traps, and hidden dangers. Can use perception Outcome on first Martial Arts AV use in response to discovery.
Quick Draw ×2+2 on Initiative for Martial Arts attacks.
Symphony of Slaughter ×4Attacks on mooks take 1 shot and require an Outcome of 3.
Stupid Chi Tricks Stay warm, burn off alcohol, Walk of Purity (go barefoot without getting dirty), high-altitude breathing, suspended animation.
Languages Tradetongue 5, Elvish 5, Draconic 5, Sheflekian 4, Dwarvish 1.
Chi Mastery Project chi through others, learn fu schticks in combat.
One with the Trees Spend 1 round to find cover, gain +1 dodge AV made from that cover.
Duelling Fu Lock gazes, passive dodge and soliloquy only, burn 1 fu per shot until someone looks away or runs out, loser can’t spend Fu on schticks targeting the winner for next 3 sequences
Toxic Karma Nature energy radiates so strongly that the undead find existence difficult in Narya’s presence.
Aura of Theurgy × 2 +0 minumum juncture modifier.
Ich Bin Ein Everyman Hero Burning Fortune points doesn’t lower effective Fortune stat.
Automatic Magic Vegetation moves without her even asking.
Pocket Dimension × 2 A long valley created in the Place of Creation, in eternal night but flourishing off even such minimal light.
High Fantasy Schticks
AwarenessSense the unseen.
Starlight VisionThere’s an elf somewhere in her family tree...
Light SleeperWake easily.
Versatile SleeperCatch naps any time, anywhere.
DeformityHair and eyes are influenced by nature and nature magic.
Fu Schticks
Prodigious Leap1 Chi, 1 shot, leap 2×Move m vertically or horizontally
Flying Windmill Kick7 Chi, 5 shots, keep attacking until you miss
Abundant Leap2 Chi, 3 shots, leap 4×Move m vertically or horizontally
Flying Sword3 Chi, 3 shots, flying attack adds Move to damage
Vertical Charge3 Chi, X shots, add X to AV of next weapon attack
Water Sword5 chi, 1 shot. Opponents are at –2 to Dodge you till end of sequence.
Loyal Steel1 chi, 3 shots. Make HTH attack at 3×Chi m range. Weapon returns.
Gathering of the Clouds1 Chi, 0 shots, maintain a continuous action at no extra shot cost
Awesome Downpour1 Chi, 3 shots, Attack 2 characters within 3m; roll vs higher Difficulty, do same damage
Rain of Fury2 Chi, 0 shots, Extra attack on unnamed opponent if the first failed.
Torrent of Fury8 Chi, all shots, Attack one person at a time until you miss.
Integration of the Clouds 1 chi, 0 shots. Combine any 2 fu powers that share a word in their titles; pay chi for both, highest shot cost.
Signature Weapon+3 damage with her oaken quarterstaff.
Bite of the Dragon2 Chi, 3 shots, +2 damage.
Breath of the Dragon3 Chi, 3 shots, +3 AV.
Claw of the Dragon5 Chi, 0 shots, +4 Outcome.
Crescent Moon Rising2 Chi, 3 shots, throw ΔChi+2 m
Turning of the Lunar Phases2 chi, 1 shot, redirect incoming blast. +1 chi per hex protected, 1 long-term chi for redirecting entire area effect.
Bright Moon Halo6 chi, 1 shot. Attack hand to hand at 3m range.
Dark Moon PassageSpend long-term fu point to use Inevitable Comeback.
Great Lunar Eclipse3 Chi, 3 shots. Hurl orb that disrupts spells, fu powers, creature powers.
Waxing Moon Dance1 chi per shot. Can roll MA to throw any attacker as a 0-shot action, doing +X (X=shots dancing, up to chi) damage on the throw.
Great Lunar TideAlter local juncture modifiers.
Great Moon in High Heaven8 chi, 4 shots. Roll MA to throw all within 2m with Crescent Moon Rising.
Great Full Moon Zenith10 chi, 3+ shots. Redirect enormous forces.
Great Eclipse Stance9 chi, 7 shots, hits on shot 5. Single target does sum of Chi stats as damage, area effect does average of Chi stats.
Friend of Darkness1 Chi, 1 shot, ignore darkness penalties
Willow Step1 Chi, 0 shots, +2 dodge for the shot
The Fox’s Retreat1 Chi, 1 shots, +5 dodge
Claw of the Tiger1 Chi, 3 shots, barehanded Str+3
Tiger Stance1 chi, 0 shots, free MA attack when damaged
Unyielding Tiger Stance2 chi, 0 shots, free MA attack when attacked
The Sudden Cyclone6 chi, 3 shots. +6 advantage and +3 AV on unexpecting opponent, +4 advantage otherwise, flings opponent in air.
Causeway of the Clouds2 chi, 0 shots, continuous action; need 10m of relatively straight run to go 4×Chi m and attack as if on ground.
Juggling Juggernaut1 chi per 3 shots, at least 3 participants, +6 damage (special).
Water Breathing1 chi, 1 shot. Breathe water for the sequence.
Friend of Water2 chi, 1 shot. Free action underwater. (Continuous action if others are taking significant penalties.)
Water Whip3 chi, 1 shot. Conjures a whip of water, Str+3 damage, attacks as Hands Without Shadow.
Friend of Ice1+X chi, 1 shot. Provides +X toughness vs. cold.
Ice Fists3 chi, 1 shot. +2 damage with unarmed attacks, ice-aspected, can active parry with hands and feet.
Snowflake Blade6 chi, 1 shot. Str+4 damage fractal ice blade, +Perfect Cut, 2× True Strike.
Wild Card5 fu, 0 shots. Next martial arts action will work as if just rolled boxcars.
Ace Up My SleeveX(X+1)/2 fu, 0 shots: can only use after rolling boxcars; get +X AV. If used Wild Card, only gets +(X–1).
To the Victor Go the Spoils Spend a long-term fu and a 3-shot action; get an item when you kill a critter (instead of gil on Famicom or vis elsewhere).
Solitaire Out of combat, roll Gambling, betting an item to get rid of; get coinage or other item back. AR 15 = 75% of market value.
Shoot the Moon 0 shots, X(X+1)/2 fu to spend X fortune dice on a Martial Arts roll.
Scoundrel’s Luck 0 shots, 1 fu. Substitute Fortune for any other stat if you can explain how you got lucky.
Void Stance 0 shots, 1 fu. Immune to low pressure, last Fu sequences in the void.
Gravity Stance 1 shot, 2 fu. Use gravity-based martial techniques.
Inner Breath 0 shots, 1 fu. Expend more food energy to avoid the need to breathe.
Breath of Light 1 chi, 1 shot. Sustain self on sunlight.
Ether Dancer 3 chi, 0 shots. Integrates above 4 schticks.
Theurgy Feats
HabbakukCreate an iceberg ship; holds (Attunement)×(Attunement spent) people, move with Weather magic.
Water FormCan become a water elemental, as per Power Shape.
Purify WaterSeparate water from impurities; can be used for distillation.
Water AmbassadorCan grant water breathing, air breathing, air swimming...
Earth FormCan become an earth elemental, as per Power Shape.
Air FormCan become an air elemental, as per Power Shape.
Fire FormCan become an fire elemental, as per Power Shape.
Fire AmbassadorCan walk safely in natural flames, etc.


“The Hinterland breeds two senses of humor: twisted and none.”

“Don’t touch that.”

“Now that you’ve touched it, hold very still...”


Hooded grey cloak, tan headscarf, green tunic, brown trousers, High Elven steel dagger (Str + 3 damage) with ornamental oak-tree-with-mistletoe hilt and 5-dose poison reservoir triggered by pressing one part of the mistletoe (only 4 doses can be actually delivered), bamboo shakuhachi (Str + 2 damage) with a jeweled butterfly on the bottom shading from blue to green, quiver of 3 dozen arrows, leather backpack. Her boots are made from cured reddish-brown doomdrake leather (somewhat tougher than normal leather but still soft enough for sneaking), each with a pocket designed in for a throwing dagger (damage 6). Usually carrying 2 weeks worth of journey bread and a rasher of bacon, along with a pan for boiling water, cooking, etc. A halfling pipe and matching pipeweed in a carrying case. A purple wood hair comb (to be worn or used) from the land of the Dark Elves. A couple of waterskins, and a wooden tankard at her belt. Silk trousers and tunics in greens, blues, white, brown. Enchanted medallion of guild membership in the Mages’ Circle adventurers’ guild. A fancy upper-class feathered garment from Shopti Jeh, including an exotic feather headdress (designed to distract from her hair). A swashbuckling outfit from Orleans, along with a good quality rapier/main-gauche set (Str + 3 damage).

Her own items:

She is also carrying glass-lined metal jars containing: A healing salve that can regenerate a limb in 12 hours. A sleep poison that does +10 damage if the target fails a Con check against difficulty 10. 6 lotus boat seeds. A big batch of seeds from a housetree on Shopti Jeh (redwood-like growth pattern, greenish bark, evergreen, yellow blossoms become sails for seeds, 1cm wide leaves that curl up in cold weather, would need regular watering on Durak, slightly less flammable than you’d expect) that was near the end of its existence; she has promised that they will grow in a land where they people won’t keep them alive past their natural lifespan. Seeds for Mantraps (big man-eating plant), Little Audreys (smaller man-chewing plant), and Barb Bulbs (flower eats you, eye at the bottom) from the Island of Fire. Magical creel from the Island of Fire and the Master’s Rod fishing rod.

Anhir has a bag with 6 gourds that, when unstoppered, will heal the opener and everyone friendly to them in the vicinity of all damage, poison, and paralysis (though not limb or organ loss).

Total wealth: 15 mithril pieces (= 750 gold), 253 gold crowns, 31 silver shillings, and pocket change in copper pennies. 5 gold owed from Rrallarran venture. One beljuril, a rare mana-gathering magical gem (which emits the energy it gathers as blue-green light) containing 5 points of general-purpose vis, worth at least 20gp. 222 gold in yellow topazes, green beryls, and blue tourmalines.

The silverseed trees on Durak can now do oranges, apples, lemons, avocadoes, limes, bananas, pineapples, coconuts, dates, tangerines, mandarin oranges, plums, cherries, and prickly pears.

Master’s rod (fishing rod) and storage creel (holds fish, keeps them fresh).

She has a Trellocca shell (like the swirly edge of a chambered nautilus) attached to her backpack, giving an extra +1 Toughness. For really special occasions, she has silver armor formed out of silver Zzik'rrraakkkto chitin, formed not to get in the way of martial arts moves, and enchanted to not ablate (half the cost of +1 toughness). The laen visor has embedded silver enough to reflect gaze attacks but allow seeing out in decent light (like mirrorshades).

Her Arcadian sky-windsurf board (with an enchanted sky-iron keel) isn’t quite enough to fly on its own, but can make someone capable of a little lift on their own a faster flyer in the air. She has a fish-shaped silk kite that she has been known to sail behind the surfboard.

Her plant collection includes: Shopti Jeh housetrees (some growing on Durak). Shopti Jeh food mushrooms (some growing in Durak’s caverns). Valuan food mushrooms (some growing in Durak’s caverns). Seeds of rose/sunflower flying flowers from Arcadia, “roselms”; the male flowers use lightning, the female ones fire. Seeds of Ixitacan hollow housetrees (living, hollow, gigantic, 60–100’ wide with 40’ hollow inside, 100’ of branching outside), which can be morphed to have polished wooden slides. Red moon peppers from Arcadia (very spicy). Chocolate mushrooms. Mint disc flowers.

The Vale of Verdant Night

Narya’s pocket dimension, a long valley bordered by mountains in the Place of Creation formed when she applied a rather creative solution to a dangerous crossing. Intelligent life arose there before the party left, and Narya felt responsible. The power of springtime flowering aided her by keeping the place in existence, and she now has access to it as a pocket dimension. The place is lit as if by bright starlight, which nourishes the plants there as if it were sunlight. She has Ixitacan hollow housetrees (with polished slides), Shopti Jeh housetrees, some Naymo eyeball-fruit/squirrel-condo trees morphed to contain human-sized nooks, and a single Sar story bean plant growing there.

It has gates to:

The infrastructure powers of Arcadia are involved in building the gate network, and one of the properties of the network is that some things being transported will quietly vanish, but only things that you don't need and won't really miss (other than by being a bit annoyed at the act of disappearance). They'll be recycling them.


5’9”, large-boned, broad-shouldered, broad-hipped, generally Mediterranean complexion with just a hint of Oriental gold, and those ears angle a bit to suggest some Elven blood back there somewhere. Due to an exposure to a Chaos storm in her youth, her hair is colored appropriate to the local foliage— in the forest, it tends to be green in spring, shading to gold in late summer, red-orange in autumn, and brown-black in winter. If she changes locations, her hair changes over a few days, looking much the same as the process of brunettes who turn blonde when exposed to sunlight, though it looks quite unusual when turning green; it also tends to bloom when she is exposed to nature magic regularly. Her eyes are very changeable, always reflecting the color of the local daytime sky. Her muscles are visible, and no one would ever call her “dainty.”


Raised in a world where people could be killed by the abundant dangers, Narya is cautious beyond her nineteen years. She has a rather dry sense of humor. She is still at the stage of maturity where responsibility is of great importance, and has not yet rediscovered her sense of play. (Hanging around with a Chaos priest, a draconic thief, a mad illusionist, and an extra-crusty dwarf is beginning to tickle her sense of the absurd, though...)

She is quite interested in studying the different manifestations of nature, and seeks to expand her knowledge of how balanced ecosystems function. Travel and exposure to new environments, she believes, will be useful for broadening her understanding of the natural world. She’s not above a little deception to make things work better— when visiting the island of Rayleen she composed a diary explicitly to be left behind. She carefully made sure everything in there was true... sacrilege is not healthy in her book.

In general, Narya likes elves, humans, and halflings, and respects dwarves. The only catran she knows is a fairly nice lunatic, but she’s mature enough not to judge on such little data. She’ll allow that there might be some decent pirates, necromancers, and dark elves out there, but she hasn’t met any yet and she has no qualms about dropping any of them into Chaos with only a slight pretext.

She has some vague notions of eventually settling back into her ancestral territory on Élas, but is not planning to do that for many years yet. There is a lot of the world to see before she does that, and she may even find a place in greater need of protection than Élas’ Hinterland.

Narya has recently taken up gambling in the practice of studying the behavior of the folk that live in the city ecology. She learned it while drunk, and is hoping that sometime, while sober, she’ll have the opportunity to prevent environmental damage by getting someone to stake the right thing in gambling.


Narya comes from a clan of mystic rangers in the northern forests of Élas, in the Hinterland, who deal with the peculiar things that come rampaging out of Chaos storms. They use the Path of the Leaping Storm to take advantage of mountainous and forested terrain in combat. (Balancing on rocks and tree limbs during combat is a continuous action, so Gathering of the Clouds comes in very handy.)

Some generations ago, a few rangers from Sheflek settled in the area and joined up with several of the local foresters to battle the monsters that came out of the Chaos. The discipline of learning the Fu path helped to forge them into a group that has persisted for about two centuries. Several signs of Sheflek influence are still present there, such as several species of bamboo and a tendency to teach proper control of breath and ki by learning to play the shakuhachi.

Her people in the Hinterland now are in custody of a powerful healing plant called “life-fern”, which grows in the lee of hills next to chaos and filters goodies that blow in over the hills.

She picked up the name “Really Scary” in the gallant fraternity on Sheflek when she showed a talent for pulling severed heads out of bags.


Transcendent powers she can contact:
Ghrisslarr, a tutelary spirit of Nature that manifests as a black panther (the black of the dark of the moon), and is a hunter. The “gh” is more of a cough.
Vinyinjil, a tutelary spirit of Nature that manifests as a pixie.
A set of nine powers that are involved in the infrastructure of Arcadia:
[Spring flowering] [Superiority and cruelty] [Altruistic unity]
[Growth through conflict]: major servant of Var [All is story]: major servant of Sar [Peace, contentment, tranquility]
[Food chain]: Nushabkeming related [Endless curiosity and variety] [Order, knowledge, ultimate library]

We have karmic ties to a set of significant elemental powers (nearly deity-class) that were manifest in a region on Famicom: water, ... and can talk to them as tutelary spirits.

The Toleen

Narya has the Riverstone of Quinera, who is a nature goddess from the pantheon of the Toleen. Given that she also has the Snuffbox of Nieril, it’s worth knowing about this bunch: Toleen = “great gods”. Circles and spirals are significant to this pantheon.


Things to do with XP: learn Leadership (13xp) and perhaps even Deceit (13xp); buy Bows to to 14 with 11xp, to 15 with 12xp; next Fu schticks are 32xp; pick up more melee and bow schticks (Quick Draw, Razor-Edged Senses, Versatile Ammo × 2); up Alertness (8xp) and Awareness (8xp) and Healing (10xp); next sphere 34xp; next weapon schtick 15xp.

Magic items that might interest her: some form of armor that won’t interfere in her sneaking around and fighting. Water breathing and other nature magicks. Fu enhancement (storage or stat boosting).

Party Treasure

Valid as of the start of the second Rayleen adventure.
Tin Copper Silver Gold Mithril
-44 40587 15339 1217 0


Inversion torque: turns Bliss/Sleep into Balefire and Balefire/Unlife into Sleep (assigned to Tavarm)

cold whip: hide of a snow serpent (has shrunken head of serpent), handle made with winterwolf tusks: channel X fu points to get 2X extra damage if you connect (assigned Jade)

8 mole teeth with magical cutting properties from moles which were 4 feet at the shoulder; mole sinew, mole skin, mole bones

5 earthenware flasks, which when deliberately thrown to the ground, produce 100m radius perfect darkness at AV 18.

Staff of doing damage to undead in a way that makes them feel as if they were living and took a hit.

Bow of Zorkas (assigned to Narya).

Lurgon's shorter sword, the Sword of the Treasure Hunter. At the shorter end of the longsword class. Detects valuable minerals (gems, gold, etc.) though up to 1” of most materials and a few inches of flesh. Negates called shot penalties to cut purses, lift pouches, etc. (assigned to Cherise)

1 bamboo comb of spear throwing (assigned to Jade). A 12-tine comb whose tines can turn into a thicket of bamboo or be fired as spears (like Blasts) by anyone capable of casting spells or throwing weapons.

Miniature siege catapult: once per day, spend magic point, will fire until battle over.

Cylindrical bone dice of area effect wonder, zero range, once per week (assigned to Sliphas).

jewelry box (light wood, magically tough), containing jewelry: Jewelry has well-hidden magic; Jewelry is actually one item, we think; Purpose is courtly/intrigue oriented; If culturally appropriate to wear it and you wear it, it may be easier to determine purpose; Apparently uncursed; Can form various weapons; weaving of Illusion and Form so it has the true forms of sword and bow but appears to have the true form of jewelry (item #25) (assigned to Jade)

Ugly Stick (invariant) (assigned to Naymo)

spirit strangling gloves (assigned to Eyolan)

chain sword: Hands Without Shadow, other stunts

Manriki gusari (6ft fighting chain) with weights on ends that look like clenched eagle's talons (spend 1 fu to change toggle open/closed; when open does slashing damage; can grab things)

9-ringed saber with sharpened crescent guard (has fear effect)

Pair of meridian axes (strong lunar associations, damage bonus against men when wielded by a woman, increased botch percentage if wielded by a man, additional +3 damage)

Iron war fan with silk material connecting ribs; has caligraphed poem on it: "Even the chill winds of winter are better than the stifling breezes of bureaucracy." (does wind attacks and deflection: arrows, elemental blast, shuriken, etc.: impoves active dodge against them)

Tetsubo (6ft iron club) (requires Str 11 to wield; can do earthquake attacks)

Snake straightener: stretches snakes to arrow length and puts them in stasis (arrow damage+bite)

Bertha the sword (saucy cutlass)

Chain of spirit binding (aetherial)

Necklace of flame chrysm stones: keeps Path of the Living Flame effects going and increases its damage (assigned to Eyolan)

Bastard sword "Barbarossa": Str+5 damage with +2 electrical damage

Thief's Knife: Knife with abalone handle (swirly colors): Having it on your person gives +1 AV when doing mind attacks; Can make 4-shot attack with Will vs. Will (at +1 to mind attacks given by dagger, but you have to exceed the defense) to steal an emotion permanently for a +1 Dam modifier, though each emotion can be stolen only once, and you can make at most one attempt per target; Current: hatred, envy (+2) (investigated 26, and there is a bit more that we do not know) (owned by Dura)

Roufad's Spear: spear (+3) damage + holy (+7) damage

Tiger Claws: gloves that do +4 damage as hand-to-hand attack (assigned to Jade)

Skies of Arcadia: drunken sword (artifact?); psychometrically clean

Khoras: Blade of solid darkness (Investigated 17 by Anhir): HP from opponent become Fu points for you (assigned to Eyolan) (someone managed to enchant Fu-effect blade of darkness as if it were a physical blade)

Khoras: Soul vacuum: Soul eviction, area effect cone selective (uses 1 possibly-stored point, attacks at user AV, base damage 18**), stores sucked souls in first-in-first-out order; spiral coiled verdigris copper braclet of soul-sucking (Investigated 18) (assigned to Sliphas)

Khoras: Battleaxe: Was someone's signature battleaxe, can parry spells and dispel magic on successful strike, with AV of dispel being AV of attack (Investigated 15) (advanced to Tavarm; enchantment transferred to his staff)

Candyland: Demon Dice: 3d6 punishment afterlife gate magic (Lab investigated at 21 by Dura, store 6 magic points in each die, on roll uses all 18 pts to make wager that determines effectiveness of punishment demons that will then be summoned) (assigned to Tavarm)

Candyland: sun sword (lab investigated at 23 by Anhir, mystically empowered with some of the virtues of the sun, item of Truth, defeats illusion and intangibility, people sneaking up on you) (owned by Eyolan)

Candyland: Fishbringer: Ithilnaur sculpture of salmon: Does Str+4 polymorph damage, and on failing a death check victim is a fish. If carrying, then you have water breathing and ability to speak with fish; can exert yourself to summon fish (Investigated at 28 by Tavarm) (assigned to Sliphas)

Candyland: Black iron bracelets set with runes of earth: fists have reasonance of stone, so strike for +4 damage (Investigated 19 by Anhir)

Candyland: Serpent whip: bull whip made from combo of cobra and anaconda skin, end is snake head with fangs, can poison, can wrap to constrict (Investigated 22 by Anhir)

Candyland: Matched set of katanas: Flame Peak (flame-like appearance, tsuba is fire opals on gold) and Wave Crest (wavy patterns, tsuba is water opals on white gold): high quality, +2 Fire or Water/Cold damage (on top of +4 sword damage), start fires, and if used in concert does +4 instead of +2, probably a bad idea to go around angering elemental lords of water and fire while wielding this (Investigated 20 by Anhir)

Candyland: sword that works as a sampling reservoir (press gem in hilt when striking and it will stealthily take sample and preserve it in next available chamber out of the 24 chambers) (Investigated 33 by Sliphas)


Inversion torque: turns Bliss or Sleep into Balefire and Balefire or Unlife into Sleep.

Agate ring with feather motif: changes any blast into tickling (outcome is #shots double-impaired).

Obsidian rod with rose quartz vein from dead land necromancer: +4 to damage of unlife blasts; heals undead; blast transformer to convert unlife blast to healing


1 cake lembas: 8 bites left of 12; each bite is a day's nutrition and healing

One 12-hour limb regen salve made from Life Fern (in a porcelain-lined metal jar)

3 cure-all gourds from Ariel (1 in possession of Fung Li, rest carried by Anhir)

1 full-healing salve made from Life Fern, takes 3 minutes.

Life Shard (after failing a death check, is destroyed and you are back at full health)

Cupid's Lyre: non-combat regen for party while played well (AR 15+) (assigned to Eyolan)

Khoras: 3 little skulls, dead people (empowered and bound), as soon as you break, AV 18, will suck up to 45 life points from non-allies (distributed evenly) into allies (distributed evenly), until allies healed (Investigated 28 by Dura) (assigned to Anhir)

Khoras: Lute, requires high music skill with lute, 3shot action with music AV to give +3/-3 to another's action--you must have an action, either current or held, Illusion 3, mess with probability in a way that is useful in combat (Investigated 21 by Sliphas) (assigned to Eyolan) (philosophy: life is an artistic composition, and this lute allows participate, so you can mess with someone else's theme)


Traveling cloak of protection from the elements, ×2 eating

Necklace: +3Tgh, –1Str (assigned to Sliphas).

Set of vambraces which increases passive defense by +3 armor (mostly for Thaumaturgists) (assigned to Tavarm).

2 hammered brass bracelets from weather witch: increases armor versus perceived attacks by +3 (assigned to Narya).

pewterish shield (-2 offensive AV, +3 defensive AV) (assigned to Anhir).

Bracelet of Temporal Dodging: laen bracelet: time manipulation: 1 Fu makes active dodge work against all attacks for 1 shot (assigned to Eolin)

Shade tree broach: you will never be more exposed to sunlight than under a shade tree.

Gold necklace w/ charm in shape of eye (eyeball itself is ivory): improve willpower vs mental attacks; may be hard to take off once worn.

Tie-dye kimono of being hard to look at (silk kimono built for someone about 5.5ft tall; spend 1 fu and 0 shots and for rest of sequence people take +1 shots to attack you and have to roll Alertness against your Agility or take a -2 penalty to ranged attacks) (assigned to Sliphas)

Shield (full size for dwarf; small for human) with device of gauntlet grasping gold and gems (say command word and it exerts an attractive force between you and gold (or other treasure))

6 suits of Royal Armor: gilded armor from Magmaites with leather components from fire serpents: +3 (=8 Tgh) full plate, immunity to fire and lava

Ring of fireproofing (from Dalion, Bringer of the Flame) (assigned to Anhir)

Robes (there is a part missing): each elemental rock will take an elemental attack, up to 20 points of damage--then the rock expires (2 of each element, except 1 fire and 1 lightning were used; cannot be recharged)

Gold hairpin: +2 Armor (assigned to Anhir)

Sun mask: protect vs. sight penalties and blindness attacks (assigned to Eyolan)

Set of medium armor (+2): breastplate and shoulder: "Life Armor": level-1 regen to wounds taken while wearing it

Khoras: dwarven armor (magical, tough (7pts of Armor, encumbers like plate), works when worn by dwarves with magic resistence, command word to put on/off in 3 shots) (Investigated 22 by Sliphas) (assigned to Thorak)

Khoras: Black silk robe with pockets that are deeper on the inside than on the outside: +3 Tgh for wearer (Investigated 25 by Anhir) (assigned to Eyolan)

Candyland: terry-cloth bathrobe (+3 Tgh (skintight forcefield), comfortable, 2 pockets, each with capacity of backpack, retrieve by name) and bunny slippers (keep warm, with good arch support, quiet and traceless walk) of the archmagi (enchanted by archmage who wanted to adventure while comfortable, and did not care what people thought) (Investigated 25 by Tavarm) (assigned to Dura)


demon-wing cloak (carried by Nemo)

Flight pendant (amethyst & gold) (held by Anhir).

Cobbler's horse shoes (4 horseshoes: nail to heel and toe of boots and you can travel like a horse): do not eat the meat of a horse while wearing them, respect horses if you kill them (trampled)

Sandals (minus thongs) from dead land necromancer with travel-related powers, including fatigueless walking

Power Storage

ring (from orc spirit slaver): salamander skull, ruby eyes, mounted on iron ring: 2 thaumaturgy power points (assigned to Dura).

Wounding generic 1-point power storage (held by Anhir) (must wound yourself for 10 points).

Ghost dragon wand: 2pt power storage (theurgical and thaumaturgical), +2 damage for Unlife blast, drain power points at range. Contaminated with Shoggoth energy.

Gold circlet from weather witch: 3 attunement point storage, neck hair stands up if magic nearby (assigned to Narya).

Ring of Peace: That stores 2 theurgical power points, +1AV when brokering a peace, creating or destroying a conspiracy for the purpose of ending or preventing war, or otherwise machinating peace; Subtle magnet for conspiracies and secrets, quest item when there is a peace to be machinated; Invariant (destroyed by wearing it loudly while engineering a bloody and useless/unnecessary war); Sacred to one deity from each side of the Pyramid, especially Light and Shade; Shemlas, Niska (exposing secrets), Zenarin (Tish/poetic justice), Turagos (Mnissilir/dissembler and conspiracy former) (assigned to Anhir)

Star sorcerer's magic 2-point storage item

crystal: 3pt attunement, peer into local spirit plane (assigned to Anhir)

dagger: 2pt attunement, warn about other-worldly sources of trouble (assigned Sliphas)

bracelet: 3pt attunement, infused with power of local deity associated with fine dining (+5 on fortune checks to find good eating and drinking establishments) (assigned to Sliphas)

Metal ring from dead land necromancer, made from bones of metal-boned elemental and eye: (boxcars 25 analysis) 4pt power storage for sorcerers with subtle death curse from elemental critter

Khoras: 4pt pyramid power storage item on bracelet: Can be charged by pyramid priests; each side is associated with a side of the pyramid, and stores a point that can be used to Bless with that power if charged by appropriate priest (Investigated 18) (assigned to Anhir)

Khoras: 4pt storage item: Sorcerous ritual knife, can draw sigils in air, can tattoo people, and tattoos can be enchanted in some way (Investigated: 20 by Anhir) (assigned to Dura)


1-liter jug with 3 rings around the neck; each ring has 6 symbols around it (from Kheshem-Thar); interior is frictionless

A pouch which may have some holding magic.

Tarp of Elemental Attenuation, 12ft by 12ft, reduces weight (but not mass) by a factor of 12.

Torah-shaped object, made of leather, roughly 2 feet wide: dimensional piranha tank. (Narya)

Tablecloth of holding (only works on meals).

Magic Creel: creel of holding and preservation of fish, fishing lures, and fishing rods


Skull helm of undead speech, death sight, and looking-like-an-undead (assgined to Tavarm).

Belt of underwater ambassadorship (assigned to Sliphas).

Ring of Naymo's Reward (formerly Ring of Pain's Reward until Naymo dipped it in the Tears of Mirkas): charges up when Naymo takes on another's wounds and heals them.

Great Hare Regalia (Marcarn's bunny suit): hear better (+2) (hat), leap better (tail), walk faster (+2) and extra kick damage (boots), danger sense (hat+boots), drum on ground (make those around aware if wearing the tail+boots); thump to share initiative (hat+tail+boots).

Jessup's Marvelous Pavilion.

Holy Chain of Borss: Chain that resizes wrist or upper arm; magically shiny; +4 to base damage with any attack; when successfully hit, either adds 2 to base damage of attack or you have to sacrifice a Willpower point for the remainder of the combat; in battle, if you want to do something cowardly or nonviolent, you have to make a Willpower roll of 5 or higher.

Pair of bangles on adjustable bands: 2 items that only work when both are worn by the same person; one has an affect on the wearer which makes combat more predictable; one makes combat environment less predictable; when roll initiative, roll 2 dice and take better one; ones on positive and negative dice trigger rerolls, and snake eyes is a kind of boxcar.

Translucent veil (divination, illusion, channeling: clues about the inner natures of things) (carried by Anhir). AV 16–17.

One man band outfit (sacred to a trickster god), the Puissant Panmusikon. Plays polkas, can give +1 AV to comrades and animate a weapon, may even be able to make someone else dance to your tune.

Invisible ring of ring invisibility.

Golden censer: orderly, sanctification.

Rings of Friendship: 12 rings in fine mahogany case (all one item): summoning, blessing, meta-magical; intended to be worn by people who like each other: arcane connection; if know someone's name, take -3 to cast touch range without touching; fork spells using Blast forking rules; spend magic point to target everyone; two magic points for area affect with multiple centers; three to add hole-in-the-middle on each center.

Gold sextant with excellent eyepiece magnification: big hidden enchantments, including lots of chi.

Green silk bag containing pair of bracelets, one made of moonstone and the other of pine, both patterned with springtime and birth images (baby animals, new shoots of plants): genomagic: add to power if within a few hundred feet and a few hours time of a birth or a conception; narrower effect from related stuff (assigned to Narya).

Well-made boots: animated boots that are also magically comfortable. (Narya)

Well-made boots: magical traction. (Eyolin)

Enchanted writing brush: animated writing brush; will take dictation; perfect calligraphy.

Backscratcher: enchanted to also massage away all tension and knots, etc. (carried by Anhir).

Tireshti’s Hookah (7 tubes): strong influence effect: share one dose of a burnable drug, share visions for free, provides other smokers the ability to understand what you are saying.

Diadem: understand any language the wearer could conceivably learn.

Astrolabe (enchanted to be extra-accurate) (from Star Sorcerer)

Pocket telescope, 5x (from Star Sorcerer)

ring of sourceless illumination (assigned to Anhir)

saltshaker of imaginary spices

Basket of wondrous meals (semi-illusory power to transfer essence of food to illusory food) (assigned to Dura)

Cat Dancing Scarf: scarf woven of cat hair: gives spinal flexibility of a cat (associated AV bonus) (resonance with cats)

Cat's Pajamas: pajamas woven of cat hair and silk: can sleep like a cat, anytime, anywhere (assigned to Anhir) (resonance with cats)

Eight Blessings Verdant Drums (taiko drums): takes 8 people to play

Cookbook of magical creatures; has cooking blasts (bound tightly)-- book tries to eat things

Mirror Mirror on the Wall (always shows viewer; psychologically addictive properties)

abalone shell enchanted to hold spirits (currently empty)

conch shell enchanted to give +3 bonus to long-distance communication

chambered nautilus shell with strap on it: pump it with magic points and each magic point (up to 16) will sustain a person underwater for 1 day

Rope belt woven from human sinew: +1 body and additional +4 to Tgh, and something?

Beam of a balance scale with mandala at fulcrum point, looks like gold but density is like that of glass, with keyed slots at ends

Crystaline staff glowing with icky green glow like balefire; top has stone that radiates the light of a Black Sun: core of a dracontias from a very large dragon (would normally be blue-green): big necromantic item, but also part of something else: we should destroy the thing that this is a key to (dragon skeleton covered in leather?): there is an old story among dragons: Behemoth & Leviathan (use names): human necromancers turned Leviathan into a dracolich and then into some kind of vehicle: vehicle is called Balewing, and the dracontias did indeed come from Leviathan

Elipsoid white granite, visibly magical, with pewter stand: beginning of great quest, perhaps related to Famicon

Goblet of Order (Orderly crystal goblet pulled from bag by Nemo)

Amulet from Rakmarsis: gold, small chain, green emerald placed to resemble an eye: reduces transformation shots by 2 but not below 3

Skies of Arcadia: 5 magical crowns of gold and jewels from Circle of Bone liches

Skies of Arcadia: 6 staves made from unnaturally long and straight human femurs

Skies of Arcadia: Staff of Azurkhaass: Necros 5pt, Tranquilize Beam (30, 2 of 6 charges, recharge 1 per human death), Deflection (30, 4 of 16 charges, recharge 4 per human death), other necromantic effects

The Endless Flask

The Banner of the Highest Star

Nathgul, the Bottled Star Spawn

The Bow of War (assigned to Eyolan)

The Bag of Wind

The Winged Helmet

Aguron: Wand of Sheep (46 charges, maximum of 64 charges, to add 1 charge, spend 1 pawn of Life-oriented vis plus 1 sheep)

Aguron: Egg of Pojo (activation phrase: I am Pojo!; Stats: Firebreathing Dam = Chi + 3, range 3m; Pecking and scratching dam: Human Str + 3, Bod and all substats are 5, fight with best AV of Martial Arts or Creature Powers, cannot use your own Creature Powers, cannot spellcast, cannot use Fu schticks that require fingers; Can talk, but as player you must imitate chicken; Size of ordinary chicken; Can spend 1 long-term point off of Mag, Att, or Fu [as appropriate] to launch an egg for area effect fire blast at your AV, base dam same as regular blast: Chi+3)

Aguron: Spirit Umbrella: A war umbrella with iron ribs: Str+3 club (minimum Str 6) versus ordinary opponents, acts as Str+4 tetsubo against spirits, can trap AV21 or less spirits if they fail a death check, competent mage could in theory boost effectiveness for a particular capture

Khoras: Sake drinking bowl made out of a piece of someone's skull (human spirit inside): Spirit dojo with master whose skull this is: knows Disturbance on the Pool, Inner Radiance, all of Clever Eye, all Walk of Clouds (Investigated 21) (renovated and in rum jar beneath jeweled Naymolings from Candyland)

Khoras: Magical staff: can charge with up to 3 magic points to do area affect air effects out of staff, and grant mage ability to do Weather effects (Investigated 21 by Anhir) (assigned to Tavarm)

Khoras: 6 flourite rings, pyramids lopped off of octahedral flourite, share telepathic communication and tactical perception--masterfully merges perceptions, channels ecos (perfectly matched) (Investigated 28 by Dura)

Candyland: necklace of mithril plaques (lab investigated at 25 by Anhir, nature power, adapts you by giving you appropriate animal traits to survive in current environment, if there is a non-magical animal that can do that, perhaps 1pt of Nature warping per month of continuous wear)

Candyland: animal collar (size of cat or small dog) (lab investigated 17 by Anhir, lets you borrow the senses of the wearer, they get your defensive AV, you take half their wounds, range is about 1/2 a mile) (assigned to Omalia and to some other PC, but not Anhir)

Candyland: Adamant tiara on a mithril chain: Very pretty, affecting lighting to maximize sparkliness, enchanted to not fall off head, subtle control over lightning: +2 Intrusion for sneaking, +2 to Look Impressive (good lighting) (Investigated 21 by Tavarm) (assigned to Cherise)

Candyland: Charged with Cherise blood: Bracelet of red gold set with 13 bloodstones: each holds up to 1 liter of blood, transfer between self and reservoire (heals 5 if impaired), dispense through finger, and as combat action, steal blood from others on flesh-flesh contact (Str+3 damage, defend with Con) (Investigated 19 by Anhir, box18 by Tavarm) (assigned to Cherise)

Candyland: Butter churn: stores vital fluids of any sort in more portable form, put in magic to transform vital fluids into something analogous to butter (powered by necros) (Investigated 20 by Sliphas) (assigned to Naymo)

Candyland: Necklace of 9 amber 2-inch spheres with various insects inside: Runs on blood--you take wound points associated with blood loss, and you get insect powers: Mosquito (3 for blood drain at range: Combat AV, do Chi+3 Dam vs Con), tick (3 and for rest of sequence your fist becomes tick's head: Death Grip, Blood Drain, Dam Str+3), spider (produce webbing from hands or spine: 1pt for door-sized, 5pt will get you down the side of a tall building, can build traps), flea (3 to prodigious leap for sequence), fly (1 per minute for illusory fly you can sense through), firefly (illumination or will-o-wisp, 1 per 30min), ant (walk on any surface for 1 per 30min, carry very heavy loads for 1 per 10min), wasp (3 to cause poison sting attack at range), preying mantis (2 to attack at 5m range, Str+4, can grab) (Investigated 20 by Tavarm) (assigned to Sliphas)

Candyland: Belt of chimera leather set with opals and symbols on it (will drive you mad if not trained in martial arts, can bend and rotate limbs in unnatural ways: 360 degrees or any arbitrary amount of rotation, can fold elbows and knees backwards, escape Crane stance) (enchanted by a servant of a trickster) (Investigated box-box-18 by Sliphas, 27 by Dura) (assigned to Jade)


12 magic blindfolds (one-shot)

5 earthenware flasks, which when deliberately thrown to the ground, produce 100m radius perfect darkness at AV 18.

Invisible sleep-roll-like thing (very light): ethereal, good for low temperatures, sleep invisible.

Ring made of giant bear knuckle, with a zircon mounted on it: converts Fortune to Fu at a ratio of your Fu stat. Currently carried by Eolin.

Perfect miniature pavilion with figurines: can create big party once.

Ball made of thin crystal with door: 1-shot journey-duration air ship (Movement 3-style fast flight) .

Ceramic rooster: once per night, can be set to wait for a given number of hours, then crow.

Mixture of spices in good solid spice jar: magical, has effect on aesthetic appeal of the food (#38).

Little vial of drops (24 drops, one per eye): gives ability to sleep while being aware of surroundings.

salt cellar with non-salt powder in it: content and cellar are both part of item: sorts things into separate ingredients.

A gauzy patch roughly the size of a pocket; when applied to apparel, creates a sheath of holding; used by Narya to carry the damned artifact sword.

Cone-shaped fountain firework: 1-shot direct holy summoning magic; related to Elinar?

Sandalwood stick: 1-shot, artifact type effect, summons distraction vs divine forces.

Silver tongue: 1-shot, crush to powder, talk your way out of almost anything (assigned to Eolin).

Potion bottle with clear, colorless potion: enchanted, stores up an area effect attack for use as a bomb (potion #120).

Box of black wood (darker than ebony); contains wrought iron cage and matching ring: necromantic. Stored on Mages’ Circle.

2 stone eggs: artifact level magic involving knowledge; one-shots that explain oracular pronouncements.

Potion of cleansing made from cleansed demon's brain

2 potions of mind healing made from cleansed demons eyes (each about 1 fl oz)

Fist-sized chunk of something that looks like obsidian but is massless when held: a strong connection to a particular plane of shadow and spirit

Island of Fire Healing herbs (each dose heals 10pts for 10shots, no roll): 24 doses

Island of Fire Panacea (each dose heals all status effects): 4 doses

Island of Fire Moon Tears: full party healing and negate all status effects: 1 dose

Island of Fire Vitamins (each dose heals 5pts for a 3-shot action, instant, no roll, must be in line of sight and within throwing range): 6 doses

Bottle (as for moonshine): take a swig and boost your strength by 1 for 1 attack (5 doses) (assigned to Sliphas)

seeds of peace ivy

Khoras: Sphere of darkness, silence, and frictionlessness (roughly AV 15, Investigated 19 by Anhir)

Khoras: Perfume of skunkiness to sorcerers (20 doses); Also, cologne (20 doses) (Will+Deception vs 8 to not show reaction; Investigated 20 by Anhir)

Khoras: Eggs of confound auspices, clean psychometry, and send ghosts on their way (5) (AV 20, Investigated 20 by Anhir)

Khoras: Flares of countering darkness (1) (AV 15; Investigated 17 by Anhir)

Khoras: Shadowbane (5) (AV 20; Investigated 24 by Anhir)

Khoras: Dispel sensory-alteration magic (2) (AV 15; Investigated 15 by Anhir)

Khoras: Polymorph potions (2 owl, 2 hawk, cat, dolphin) (AV 15; Investigated 16 by Anhir)

Khoras: mundane copper bracelet with 3 recharge-fu charges as black perls (assigned to Eyolan) (Investigated box14 Anhir, 17 Tavarm, 28 Sliphas),Khoras: Copper bracelet with 8 fu charges (perls) (assigned to Kazuma) (Investigated 24 by Anhir; appears to be the same thing as the other such braclet)