Star Wars in Feng Shui

Star Wars is a delightful space-operatic action setting, with an interesting role-playing game that is a little too complicated to be good for an action movie. Feng Shui is a superb action-movie RPG. This is our homebrew conversion between the systems. You can check out Terrestrialboy’s Domain for more inspiration.
Dice Conversions
SW DiceDifficultyFS AV
+1 Incompetent 1
+2 Feeble stat 2
1D Below average skill; poor stat 3
1D+1   4
1D+2   4
2D Human average stat/skill 5
2D+1   6
2D+2 Above Average 7
3D Superb stat 8
3D+1   8
3D+2 Professional 9
4D Human maximum stat 10
4D+1 Highly qualified 11
4D+2   12
5D   12
5D+1 Top notch 13
5D+2   14
6D Totally kick-ass 15
6D+1   16
6D+2   16
7D World Class 17
7D+1   18
7D+2 Frigging Astounding! 19
8D Beyond Frigging Astounding! 20
Difficulty Conversions
1–5 Very Easy 0–3
6–10 Easy 4–7
11–15 Moderate 8–11
16–20 Difficult 12–14
21–30 Very Difficult 15–21
31+ Heroic 22+

Thus far, we have skills, combat, the Force, archetypes, and Star Wars schticks. Stats are as normal, but Magic and Fu are folded into one stat, Force. Fu powers use Force to determine your Chi points for a sequence.

You can spend Force points just like Fortune points. If you use them to aid the Dark Side, you gain a Dark Side point. Whenever you gain a Dark Side point, roll your permanent Force stat against your total number of Dark Side points. If the Outcome is negative, you have turned to the Dark Side of the Force.

Dark Side points add +2 to your Jedi AV per point, but this temptation is extremely corrupting. Resisting this tempation imposes a –3 to your Jedi AV.