Tabitha Wong, Monster Cop 60 XP, 55 spent
Juncture: Netherworld (modern)
Hook: Half monster, half human, all cop

Body 6 Chi 2 Mind 6 Reflexes 10
Toughness 6 Magic 8 Intelligence 6 Agility 10
Constitution 6 Kung Fu 2 Perception 6 Manual Dexterity 10
Strength 6 Fortune 2 Willpower 6 Speed 10
Move 6 Charisma 6
Creature PowersMagic +715
Martial ArtsAgility +313
MedicineMagic +19
PoliceIntelligence +17
GunsDexterity +111
Fu Schticks
Claw of the Tiger1 Chi, 3 shots, do Str+3 damage bare handed
Prodigious Leap1 Chi, 1 shot, leap 2×Move m vertically or horizontally
Tiger Stance1 Chi, 0 shots, get a free Martial Arts counterattack when wounded in HTH
Unyielding Tiger Stance2 Chi, 0 shots, get a free Martial Arts counterattack when attacked in HTH
Creature Schticks
TransformationTo human form
TransformationRemain human when making Creature Powers tests
TransformationMay ignore juncture modifiers for non-magical tests made when in human form
Abysmal SpinesTerrible fangs and claws (+2 damage)
ImmunityTo mundane, non-silver bullets
Brain ShredderCreature Powers vs. Dodge, base damage 7 vs. Chi, Magic, or Fortune; range = Magic m


Deep in the Netherworld, the sorcerer Shan Tai!, a fugitive from the Eaters of the Lotus, conducts his nefarious experiments in bridging the physiological gap between demonkind and humanity. Many of his henchman sport transplanted body parts of demons, and many of his servitor demons contain living human flesh. His sinister researches into exploiting the power of blood transfusions between man and demon are legendary. And his researches continue...

Tabitha's mother, Wong Lien, was a healer practicing in the 69 AD juncture when she was kidnapped by Shan Tai's demonic servitors and ordered to use her healing skills to help transplant patients survive Shan Tai's sorcerous surgery. She did her best to help the unwilling victims, but refused her services in healing Shan Tai's minions of injuries earned during their evil activities. Shan Tai coldly transferred her to his new research unit crossbreeding humans and demons, and had her impregnated by one of his powerful tiger-demons.

As soon as she could, Lien ran away into the Netherworld, and eventually wandered through an exit into modern-day Hong Kong. There, she traded on her healing skills in the back alleys of Kowloon until an acupuncturist took her in as a partner and teacher. The strain of a demonic birth greatly weakened Lien, whose health was frail thereafter.

Lien named her daughter Tabitha, and used her arts on the child for years to encourage the flows of chi along human pathways, rather than demonic ones: at first, this simply encouraged the preverbal Tabitha to stay in her human form rather than her tiger-cub one, but Lien later suspected it also contributed to Tabitha's embrace of human qualities.

Tabitha grew up on stories of evil sorcerers and the danger they pose to innocent people, and resolved at an early age to Do Something About It. By the time she hit puberty, she had resolved to become a policewoman. Her mother died when Tabby was sixteen, leaving Tabby the sole custodian of her demonic secret. Tabby finished high school early and joined the Hong Kong Police Force. She was able to arrange transfer to plainclothes duty without much difficulty— between bribes, performance, and subtle use of the Dominate power— and has gained a reputation for being able to solve the weird, supernatural-seeming crimes that occur around Hong Kong.

One day, she hopes to track down Shan Tai and make him pay for his crimes... but right now, she's working on developing her kung fu until she's ready to take him on.


Tabitha is a tortured soul, continually attempting to balance the demonic and human natures that war within her innermost self. She was raised by her mother to feel compassion for her fellow creatures, as is proper for a healer. Her father's bestial nature lusts for the hunt and the kill. Human flesh smells tasty to Tabitha, especially in her demon form, and the sight of hot, pumping blood gives her an appetite. Her human sensibilities recoil from this, but her demon blood provides a constant, dark temptation.

On the surface, she usually appears calm, cool, and collected, and often amused with the world around her; her wit carries a strongly sarcastic edge, and she enjoys deadpanning (especially when professing disbelief in bizarre mystical workings she's reporting back to headquarters). Inside she feels a terrible separation from the tides of humanity around her, and a nagging curiosity about the world of demons and the possibility of acceptance among them for what she is. One of her fondest dreams is to walk among her fellow police officers in tiger form, accepted as another good cop.


As a human, Tabitha is an attractive Chinese woman with green eyes and long black hair. In her true demonic form, she is a 6' tall tiger-humanoid with a black coat striped in silver, with glowing green eyes. (Rather than shambling like most supernatural creatures, Tabitha seems to stalk in a slow and menacing manner, tail lashing slowly.) When she uses her Brain Shredder attack, a third eye opens on her forehead.

Feng Shui Sites

The Eating Counter, in Hong Kong (in the Temple district of Kowloon, north of the city park), is a restaurant whose food far outmatches its decor; Tabitha is a part owner. Attunement to it seems to grant an incredible luck in finding obscure, high-quality eateries. Tabitha became a part-owner when she and her comrades helped to foil a plot by an sorcerer to acquire a site in modern-day Hong Kong.

The Onyx Fountain School and Red Fang Dragon Tail Institute are a pair of complementary Feng Shui suites in the foothills of the Himalayas in Thailand; attuning to both is much like attuning to one ordinary, not-very-powerful Feng Shui site. The PC's only intervened when the balance was thrown off by someone else helping out the evil brotherhood that controlled the Red Fang Dragon Tail Institute.


6xp: Fu -> 3. 3xp: Fortune, Chi -> 3. 8xp: Fu -> 4. 9xp: Martial Arts -> +4. 7xp: Medicine -> +2. 7xp: Police -> +2. 7xp: Guns -> +2. 13xp: Creature Powers -> +8. 15xp: Chi Blast. 10xp: Martial Arts -> +5. 18xp: Magic -> 9.