How can I use the web to keep up on College Hockey just like Joe?

Yes, it's true, in this age of instant information, you can follow ECAC hockey even if you're living in South Texas. Here are a few of my favorite ways to keep up when I can't cross the ocean to see a game.

ECAC Web Sites

The bad news is that ECAC Webmeister Extraodinaire Tim Danehy is no longer running ECAC HockeyNet. The good news is that the ECAC still has a fair amount of info, and links to even more press releases, on its official ECAC Ice Hockey Site. And Tim's handiwork can now be found, extending beyond the ECAC on

USA Today's ECAC-specific coverage now consists simply of a standings page, but they do have a general College Hockey Section. If you're looking for something more specific, here is a list of ECAC-related links from USCHO.

And finally, it's only half of the ECAC, but the official Ivy League site has an ice hockey page as well.


The traffic has dropped off with the advent of web-based resources and bulletin boards, but the original College Hockey email lists are still a source of information occasionally insightful discussion in your electronic mailbox.

US College Hockey Online

This is a comprehensive site devoted to American college hockey with tons of information, standings, scores, articles, and links to lots of other sites. Check it out.

Real-time college hockey score updates

Tickers, we got tickers. Here are a couple of places where you can keep tabs on college hockey games in progress:

  1. ESPN college hockey scoreboard
  2. USA Today scores page

ECAC Roadtrip Guides

Planning to follow your team on the road? Check out some of the online resources to help you with the ins and outs.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the ECAC
From The Big Red What?.
On The Road
Written by Jayson Moy, ECAC Correspondent for US College Hockey Online.

Radio Broadcasts on the Internet

Even if the big game in the ECAC is not on TV, and you live too far away to tune in the radio broadcast, you may still be able to listen to the game on the net, thru the magic of RealAudio. The ECAC website has a list of team broadcasts. Below is list of my own, of varying degrees of reliability.

Also, if your team is playing a non-conference game, you may be able to listen to the other school's broadcast. Here is a list of College Hockey Webcasts.

Destination: Lake Placid

Once again this season, New England Sports Network is televising an ECAC Game of the Week. The schedule is as follows (all times Eastern):

January 13 (Saturday) St. Lawrence at Rensselaer
January 18 (Thursday) Colgate at Cornell
January 27 (Saturday) Union at Vermont
February 3 (Saturday) Princeton at Clarkson
February 10 (Saturday) Brown at Dartmouth
February 24 (Saturday) Colgate at St. Lawrence
March 2 (Friday) Yale at Harvard
March 10 (Saturday) ECAC First Round Playoffs
March 16 (Friday) ECAC Semifinals
March 17 (Saturday) ECAC Final

Chat and BBS

You can also meet your fellow ECAC hockey fans in the virtual world of the internet. There's now a web-based bulletin board for general ECAC discussion, three for individual teams, and one devoted to college hockey in general:

  1. Yahoo! ECAC Hockey Club
  2. Clarkson Hockey Round Table
  3. Cornell Hockey Discussion Forum
  4. Rensselaer Hockey Forum
  5. US College Hockey Online Message Board

And if you crave a little real-time discussion while listening to the game via RealAudio (or you can't get the webcast and want to keep tabs on what's happening), try Lynah Chat, the IRC site for Cornell (and sometimes Clarkson) game discussion, or the Java-based chat at the ECAC Hockey Club for discussions of other teams' games.

Joe's ECAC materials

And in case you missed it, I also contribute a bunch of ECAC and NCAA stuff to The Big Red What?, and also maintain an archive of reports I did on my own in the 1996-1997 season.

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