Amurgsval was founded originally by four magi, Gambrinus, Rötschreck, Osseum, and Visitor Somni. In the mid-1170's, they all happened to acquire apprentices at about the same time, and Corylus, Vector Tempestatum, Felis Umbrosus, and Pugilis Obscuratus took the Oath within a year of each other. Aeolus the Unsafe of Criamon and Corvus of Bjornaer showed up around that time, having been sent in Amurgsval's direction ages ago. (Pugilis Obscuratus, unfortunately, committed acts of diabolism less than a week after taking the Oath and was dragged to Tribunal by the other junior magi.)

When Aeolus's original covenant of Radis Magica (in the Novgorod Tribunal) was destroyed, his fellow magus from Radis, Parma Argenta, made his way to Amurgsval to carry the news. Parma joined the covenant, and later led the group that solved the mystery of Radis and rescued Lumina Intelligentia from a protracted Twilight she had lingered in in the heart of Radis Magica.

Later on, Corvus d'Arezzo of Jerbiton made his way to the covenant; having had Criamon training in his youth, he was interested in the rumours he had heard of a Criamon clutch containing such diverse viewpoints as a Flambeau and a Merinita.

Diliculus was obtained by Gambrinus when he realised that he had been quite unable to find anyone he could train into being a mystic brewer and bargained with the nearby Seelie Court of Bincastra to get an youth of appropriate potential to become an apprentice. He managed to overestimate the appropriate size of gift to give the Court, and was presented with a young man trained in the art of brewing by John Barleycorn-- a deity of beer-- himself. Acknowledging that the lad, on arrival, had better brewing abilities than himself, Gambrinus trained him in magic and stepped down as Master Brewer.

Lucian is a result of the breeding program at Amurgsval introducing faerie blood into the populace; the rest of the junior magi are actually side effects of a peculiar breeding experiment involving Aeolus, and they are in fact all his children. Eugen is among this brood, and in addition to being Aeolus' seventh son, also had a number of interesting omens pertaining to his birth; Gambrinus also took him on for training as well as Diliculus.

Names we haven't yet translated into Latin are in parentheses next to the character's birth name.

Gambrinus the BrewerVerditiusMagus Emeritus
Rötschreck Vampiresbane FlambeauMagus Emeritus
Magister OsseumEx MiscellaneaNecromancer (Senior Master)
Visitor SomniCriamonMagus Emeritus
Lumina IntelligentiaCriamonSenior Master
CorylusCriamonVisitor SomniBard (Junior Master)
Vector TempestatumFlambeauGambrinus Geomancer and Defender (Junior Master)
Aeolus the Unsafe Criamon ChromologosJunior Master
Felis UmbrosusMerinitaGambrinusPontifex and Warden of the Four Treasures (Junior Master)
Pugilis ObscuratusEx MiscellaneaMagister OsseumDeceased
CorvusBjornaerJunior Master
Parma ArgentaCriamon Elder Theoretician (Junior Master)
Corvus d'Arezzo Jerbiton Junior Master
DiliculusVerditiusGambrinusMaster-Brewer (Junior Magus)
LucianMerinitaFelis UmbrosusJunior Magus
TlakasczCriamonParma ArgentaJunior Magus
Eugen ("Horned Priest")VerditiusGambrinusHigh Priest (Junior Magus)
CogitorCriamonCorylusJunior Magus
GeminiCriamonCorylusJunior Magi
Jitia ("Collateral Damage")FlambeauVector TempestatumJunior Maga
Janos ("Surprising Spear") Flambeau Aeolus Junior Magus