Vector Tempestatum is a rather unusual sort for a Flambeau.

Were it not for his Blatant Gift, he might pass for a grog: the man is quite Large, carries a greatsword across his back, and dresses in scale armor. Knowing he is a Flambeau adds some sense to this, and he may seem like a fairly ordinary Flambeau of the more pyrotechnic school until one gets to detailed conversation.

While Vector is one of the first to suggest "kill it and suck its vis" as a solution to problems-- the phrase has become common in the Amurgsval grog corps as a euphemism for "kill it dead"-- he will often ignore great stores of vis on the hoof, claw, or wing, claiming such things as "It'll help scare away the missionaries, and might even breed." When Criamon turn up, he appears well-equipped to debate the Enigma with them in his inimitably blunt style: Corylus of Criamon has said "Vector Tempestatum reaches the Enigma the way an ordinary Flambeau crosses a faerie forest: he leaves destruction and chaos in his wake, but he does reach his destination."

Vector-- Boris, to those who have known him since apprenticeship-- commands magicks of all four elements, and has a strong set of lightning and storm magicks alongside the standard Flambeau fire magicks. His earth magicks include both spells to entrap people and creatures in the earth as well as spear-throwing spells that bypass magic resistance. His Aptitude for elemental magicks makes him truly terrifying in combat, and he has recently learned the Second Secret of Uncontrolled Power from Aeolus, making him more dangerous yet.

He has recently completed the majority of work on the Aristeia, a medium-sized merchant vessel that has been enchanted to sail on all four elements as an ordinary vessel would on water. The Aristeia's command of the elements is such that it could travel through a hurricane without damage and remain on course; it sails more often on cloudtops than the land. The Aristeia is the current preferred mode of travel for the magi of Amurgsval, since it is even possible to pretend to be a normal vessel when on a body of water. (Bringing a medium-sized merchant vessel up to a city where it couldn't possibly have sailed upriver to get there in the first place strains credulity a great deal less than flying in.)

Boris towers head and shoulders over most magi, and appears very dangerous with his swarthy skin, dark eyes, curly black hair and imposing beard. He tends to dress in black, and speaks in a loud basso. He has no patience for threats, and is quite happy to demonstrate his command of destructive magic to make a point-- though, unlike many Flambeaux, he is content to impress or frighten, rather than destroy.