Gambrinus of Verditius has always been a bit odd for his House. He has a particular interest in beer and brewing, and for decades tended the primary vis source of the Amurgsval covenant, a mystic brewvat at the confluence of several leylines. He had a particular interest in nature magicks, and had arranged a large network of standing stones in the area around Amurgsval, claiming that over time the aura of the covenant would increase. (Certainly, it has; the original site was a +5 aura, according to the founders of Amurgsval, had increased to +6 by the middle of the 12th century, and eventually created a +7 regio in 1209. How much of this is Gambrinus' intervention is hard to determine.)

For a Verditius, Gambrinus has few great enchantments; his primary work has been as a potion-brewer. Many of the magi of Amurgsval sport Gambrinus-brewed longevity potions, having bribed him at a time when he needed vis and help in the lab on his own potion: he is believed to have been over two centuries old before he departed the covenant. An exception to this is the hull enchantment on the Aristeia, Gambrinus' final great work. There are rumoured to still be a few powerful potions in storage at Amurgsval, awaiting a time of need.

Gambrinus was mostly a generalist as magi go, with a particular interest in nature magicks (for which he had an affinity-- acquired in Twilight in his youth, according to his few surviving contemporaries). According to some, he even knew some of the secrets of faerie magic known to House Merinita, and certainly his great tome of theory contains both Magic Theory and Enigmatic Wisdom.

Gambrinus was a pleasant-natured fellow, seldom to be seen without a mug of beer in his hand, and nearly impossible to drink under the table. For a magus of his great age, he appeared amazingly healthy and hearty, with a robust body and salt-and-pepper hair and beard leaning rather toward the salt. His pale grey eyes usually had a jest in them, and his peculiar Twilight-acquired automatic magic tended to cause all stone and wood in his immediate vicinity to begin to change so they appeared to have grown into their form: many rooms in the covenant appear to be natural limestone caverns or lava tubes, and his chair at the head of the high table in the dining hall looked like nothing so much as a peculiarly comfortable tree stump with moss growing on it.

Sadly, he has departed the Valley of the Twilight, claiming a few matters to attend to before his time came; his farewell to the magi of Amurgsval included the phrase "I hope to see you all on the other side of the sunset."