Pugilis Obscuratus was Magister Osseum's most recent apprentice. Osseum had hoped to overcome the lad's Diabolic Upbringing and Taint of Evil, but doing this while teaching him to be a necromancer proved to be beyond Osseum's power. The young lad named Klopec showed Affinity for the arts of Perdo and Corporem, and, fresh out of apprenticeship, could cast both Clenched Grasp of the Crushed Heart and Veil of Invisibility; both were among his Mastered Spells. (He had been hideously scarred by his parents when young, and it was more difficult to say whether he was a more disturbing presence when visible or invisible; certainly, he was a better spellcaster when invisible (Special Circumstances). Certainly, his hideous appearance (Pre -5) and Blatant Gift made it difficult for him to deal with any but the most hardened folk.)

Klopec started out Infamous among the local peasants as a young necromancer, building on his Master's Infamy, with a Discredited Lineage. By the time the world outside Amurgsval had heard of him, he had amalgamated his disparate Reputations into a single one at level 5, as a Necromancer. (Travelling riding the shoulders of a giant zombie helped with this reputation, as did his tendency to sound like Peter Lorre when speaking.)

Unfortunately, Klopec yielded to temptation by Infernal powers less than a week after taking the Oath of the Order of Hermes and was brought back by the other magi to stand trial as a diabolist in front of a special session of the Tribunal of Thebes. He is now deceased, with Reputation 6: Diabolic Necromancer.