David J. Hixon
15437 Eagle Tavern Lane
Centreville, Virginia 22020
(703) 263-9138

Experience Summary

Ten years in management with increasing levels of responsibility up to project management. Over fifteen years in systems engineering involving spacecraft, missions, communications, and operations. Experience in the fields of electronics, flight simulation, computer systems and programming, communications, and training in the aerospace and communications industries.

Skills Summary


B.S. in Physics, University of California at Los Angeles

M.S. in Scientific and Engineering Management (Systems), West Coast University

Numerous technical and management professional development courses including the California Institute of Technology's Engineering Management Certificate

Work History

Global Science and Technology

Senior System Engineer

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Project Manager (MTS-7) - Space Stations Freedom Program

Group Supervisor - Advanced Mission Engineering

Mission Engineer and Team Chief - Magellan Project

Task Manager/Lead Engineer - Spacecraft Systems Engineering

Rockwell International - Space Division

Systems Engineer and Mission Analyst

Avionics Systems Engineer - Space Shuttle Program

Electronics and Communications Training