Katrina Illari

OBJECTIVE A challenging position as a C/C++ developer preferably in security, either cross-platform or Unix.

CONTACT INFORMATION phone: 408-446-0463
email: ikatrina@yahoo.com
address: 1514 Cameo Dr, San Jose, CA 95129

SKILLS Skill Name Experience
C 9 years
C++ 1 year
Object Oriented Programming 6 years
OS-Independent Security APIs: Kerberos APIs, GSS-APIs, OpenSSL. 5 years
Windows Security APIs: including SSPI, LookupAccountSid, GetSecurityInfo, GetTokenInformation, ImpersonateNamedPipe. 5 years
Cross-Platform Programming: Unix: Linux (32-bit and 64-bit including Itanium), Solaris (32-bit and 64-bit Sparc and 64-bit Intel), HP-UX (ia64, PA-RISC 32-bit, PA-RISC 64-bit), AIX, OS X, and Tru64; Windows: NT4 through Windows 2003 (32-bit, 64-bit including Itanium); Programmed for clustered and non-clustered environments. 6 years
Multi-threaded programming 3 years
Scripting languages: Bourne shell, Korn-shell, Perl. 8 years
Development/Debug tools: gdb, Microsoft Visual C++, MSDN, CVS, make, purify, ElectricFence, truss, strace, lsof, netstat, ethereal, rpcinfo. 5-8 years
Documentation tools: HTML, doxygen, LaTeX, Microsoft Word. 5-8 years
Java 1 year
Perl 1 year
SQL 2 years

EXPERIENCE 1/2001 - Now Legato/EMC Santa Clara, CA
Staff Software Engineer (promoted from Senior Software Engineer)
Worked as a software engineer specializing in security on the NetWorker product. NetWorker is a cross-platform backup product. Among supported platforms are Linux (32-bit and 64-bit including Itanium), Solaris (32-bit and 64-bit Sparc and 64-bit Intel), Windows NT4 through Windows 2003.
  1. Responsible for the design and implementation of an authentication mechanism which used certificates and private keys to authenticate machines and OS features to authenticate users. The project used OpenSSL to build certificates and private keys, to create TLS connections (TLS is the successor to SSLv3), and generate random numbers. The project required heavy use of threads. The result was required to work on all supported platforms (about 20 different platforms) in clustered and non-clustered environments. The authentication mechanism was written in C.
  2. Responsible for the design and implementation of a cross-platform (about 20 different platforms) communications API (written in C). The API uses XDR to encode and decode data transmitted over the wire. The API used an object oriented design which allowed the user to mix multiple user-defined protocols including an RPC server adapter.
  3. Worked on NetWorker's authorization system. This project requires the ability to build user identity information which can be passed from a Windows machine to a Unix machine (or the other way around).
  4. Worked on an authentication mechanism which used the Kerberos GSS-API interface (Unix and Windows) and SSPI interface (Windows only) to authenticate an RPC client to an RPC server and vice versa. The RPC client/server were using the RPCSEC_GSS standard to send and receive security tokens (retrieved using the GSS-API or SSPI interface). I also used the GSS_Wrap functions (or SSPI equivalent) to encrypt packets.

7/1999 - 1/2001 ARINC Annapolis, MD
Software Engineer (Contractor)
Worked as a programmer on the Linux, Sun Solaris and Windows 98/NT platforms. Designed and implemented a flat file database system. Included a client, a server, and a GUI.
  1. Server: Written in C for the Linux, Sun Solaris and Windows platforms. Designed an implemented indexing algorithms. Designed the protocol for requesting database entries. On the Solaris and Linux platforms, the server receives requests from the clients (and responds to requests) via a UNIX message queue. On the Windows platform, the server receives requests using sockets.
  2. Client: Written in C for the Linux, Sun Solaris and Windows platforms. The client was written as a library that was loaded by a third party program (like a plug-in).
  3. GUI: Written in Java using the Swing API to draw the GUI. The GUI was required to provide query, insert, update, and delete requests.
8/1998 - 7/1999 MCI WorldCom Chantilly, VA
Software Engineer (Contractor)
Worked as a programmer on an HP-UX (Unix) platform using C, Perl and the Korn-shell scripting language. Applications worked on:
  1. Oracle Application: Implemented and maintained an application written in C. Application used embedded SQL to access information stored in Oracle tables and return it to the user.
  2. Application to configure GEIS Enterprise objects: written in C; read information from a configuration file then called GEIS Enterprise APIs to update various objects. Enterprise is an application provided by GEIS which is used as a message router in Electronic Commerce.
  3. Maintaining and writing Korn-shell scripts and Perl scripts on an HP-UX (Unix) platform.
10/1996 - 8/1998 IBM Manassas, VA
Software Engineer (Contractor)
Worked as a programmer on the MVS and Windows NT platforms using C/C++ and Visual Basic. Applications worked on:
  1. Server Application: Added features to an application written in C for MVS/CICS. Used Embedded SQL to access and return information stored in DB2 (database) tables. Used MQ Series to return information to a client application. Used AIF to send messages to a back end agent.
  2. Client Application: Added features to an application extension written in C for Windows NT. The application extension was written as a back end to a Visual Basic executable. It would translate the data sent in from the executable into a binary format and then put the data on an MQ Series queue. The program was also required to get messages from the queue and translate them into a format the Visual Basic executable could understand.
  3. Wrote a message building utility using Microsoft Visual Basic and C++. The utility used a Visual Basic executable and a C++ DLL to build the binary message format used for communication between applications. The application used COM to communicate between DLL and executable.
EDUCATION 6/1996 Ohio University Athens, OH
Bachelor's Degree
Ohio University
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics, summa cum laude
College: Honors Tutorial

Honors and Scholarships:

The 1996 Outstanding Graduate in Engineering Physics
Departmental Scholarship
Shipman Scholarship

Senior Thesis: Controlling Deterministic Chaos: Numerical Simulations and Data Acquisition/Control Systems
  1. Wrote set of C programs for Unix to model a chaotic system. The programs used X-Windows programming to implement live plotting of data.
  2. Performed a physical experiment which involved building a set of electronic circuits used to convert analog data obtained from a sensor to a digital format to be read in through the printer port of an IBM clone. Also wrote a set of C programs used to communicate with the peripheral devices through the printer port.