Rachael Hixon
15437 Eagle Tavern Lane
Centreville, Virginia 22020
(703) 263-9138

Has over 4 years of experience as a word processor/graphic designer and has expertise in a wide range of word processing and graphics software. Has worked closely with editors and technical writers in producing a wide range of documents. Assisted in creating standard procedures for a program management support group and organizing account files and library. Previous experience includes positions as a copyreader, testing department clerk, sales associate, and cashier.

Macintosh environment: Adobe Illustrator, Aldus Freehand, MacDraw II, MacDraw Pro, MacLinkPlus, MacPaint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, PageMaker, and PowerPoint
Windows environment: CorelDRAW, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Mail, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, Paintbrush, PowerPoint, and WordPerfect
DOS environment: Microsoft Word and WordPerfect

Work Experience

Electronic Data Systems (EDS), Incorporated

Technical Illustrator September 1993 - Present
Provide support for proposals and other documents for the GSG and MSD divisions of EDS. As a Technical Illustrator, provide graphics and word processing support for the proposal support group using Macintosh, IBM-compatible PC, and SUN workstation. Use Photoshop, Freehand, MacLink Plus, Excel, Word, PageMaker, Persuasion, Illustrator, and a Syquest removable external drive on the Macintosh; CorelDraw, Excel, Word, WordPerfect, PageMaker, and PowerPoint in Windows; and Interleaf on the SUN station. Convert graphs for embedding; convert various files between multiple formats as needed. Print and scan documents in color via Fiery. Design and produce covers and spines for proposals. Work with an outside printer to produce color copies, covers, spines, and an interoffice directory. Design and produce black and white and color posters and signs. Perform paste-up of data; mount signs and posters for display. Produce presentations using a variety of software. Assist with keying, formatting proposals, and embedding graphics as needed. Produce complex electronic forms using Word. On temporary assignment, scanned documents pertaining to immigration and naturalization as part of a test/demonstration of a new system. Arrange for and oversee temporary help to produce graphics for proposals when necessary.
Manager: Saundra Cage, (703) 742-1606 Supervisor: Angela Freeman: (703) 742-1612

Technical Typist September 1992 - September 1993
Keyed and made changes and additions to deliverables, reports, and interoffice documents, using Microsoft Word and WordPerfect. Embedded graphics, spreadsheets, and tables in deliverable documents. Developed graphics for inclusion in documents and/or use in presentations using MacDraw II, MacDraw Pro, PowerPoint, DrawPerfect, and Harvard Graphics. Produced transparencies for overhead slide presentations and interim progress reports using MacDraw Pro and PowerPoint. Created Excel spreadsheets for inclusion in documents and reports. Assisted in editing and proofreading documents and developing program management support standard operating procedures. Assisted in organization and upkeep of account files and library. Trained other technical typists in use of Macintosh, and word processing and graphics software. Electronically translated documents between Macintosh and IBM-compatible environments. Assisted in developing and presenting document submission guidelines to account members.

Volt Temporary Services

Word Processor October 1991 - September 1992
Held positions involving word processing using Microsoft Word for Windows, Excel for Windows, and Microsoft Word for DOS at Dynatech, Atlantic Research Corporation, and EDS. Also performed clerical and secretarial duties including answering phones, filing, preparing international mailers, data entry, copying, and faxing. Worked as a word processing operator using Microsoft Word DOS for 5 months on EDS's Army Standard Information Management System Account.

Beverly Fabrics

Sales Associate July 1991 - September 1991

Provided prompt assistance to customers in locating products. Provided creative solutions to customersí needs and made original suggestions to assist customers in achieving desired results. Assisted in receiving inventory and maintaining attractive product displays. Measured and cut fabrics for customers.

Volt Temporary Services

GTE Testing Department Clerk August 1990 - November 1990
Transferred data between workstation screens and reported pertinent information to line testers. Called up, printed out, and delivered daily and weekly reports. Faxed reports and memorandums to off-site locations. Filed reports and microfiches. Searched for information on microfiche. Copied and filled out forms as needed . Ordered and distributed office supplies. Answered customer complaint and other phone calls, and transferred calls to appropriate department. Called customers to determine status of service, and called other companies to report status of repairs and customer service.


Sales Associate; Menswear February 1990 - March 1990
Assisted customers with finding and selecting products, including locating products in stock room to fulfill customer needs. Operated cash register and performed charge card and credit card sales. Assisted security in prevention of shoplifting, and maintained neatness and cleanliness of department. Also assisted customers over the phone.

Daily Nexus

Copyreader September 1989 - January 1990
Called up and proofread newspaper copy. Edited copy for grammar, punctuation, typing, logic, and style. Corrected copy and routed it to the department editor. Wrote headlines as needed.

Other Experience

St. Timothy's Church

Newsletter Editor 1995 - Present
Key, format, and produce a photo-ready copy of the monthly church newsletter. Write headlines and perform light editing as needed. Select, convert, and place clip art. Produce an events calendar using Calendar Creator Plus for Windows.

Tuesday Musical Juniors (Young Artists' Performance Group)

President1987 - 1988
Conducted regular monthly meetings and assisted in planning and organizing extra activities. Called for a reevaluation and reratification of by-laws, membership requirements, and club structure. Created a Public Relations Office, and lead nomination and election of new officers. Provided orientation and assistance for new officers.

Program Chair1985 - 1987
Organized performance programs, including designing and printing programs, announcing program errata at each meeting, and arranging for refreshments. Scheduled and organized new member auditions, and maintained club membership records. Promoted local teacher and student involvement, and assisted in planning and organizing outside activities. Trained new officer for program chair position.

Recording Secretary1984 - 1985
Recorded and reported minutes of all meetings and auditions. Presented collected minutes and assisted new officer in adopting recording secretary duties at end of term.


University of California at Santa Barbara Art Studio major
Santa Barbara City College Art major
EDS Courses: Career Management
Effective Business Writing