Roger Dearnaley

Personal Details


Dr. Roger Dearnaley



(831) 425-3419

Postal Address:

5610 Scotts Valley Dr., Suite 226 

Scotts Valley CA 95066

Career Objectives

To utilize and expand my skills in complex multi-tier distributed systems, web and Internet programming, databases, search and information retrieval, data mining, natural language processing, machine learning, user interface design, computer security, computer graphics and object-oriented programming, while solving interesting and challenging problems in a stimulating and rewarding environment.

Technical Skills


General Object-Oriented Design, Complex Multi-Tier Distributed Client-Server Systems, Web and Perl/Java/JavaScript/SQL/Web template language/CGI/HTML/HTTP Programming, Data Mining, Massively Parallel Systems, Natural Language Processing/Resource Discovery/Search Engine Technology, Security and cryptography, Graphics and Multimedia Programming, Macintosh, Windows, UNIX and cross-platform Programming, User Interface Design, Multi-threaded Programing, strong Mathematical skills, Low-Level and Machine-Code Programming, Numerical Algorithms, Technical Writing, Computer Art, Digital and Analog Electronic Design and Testing, Lecturing and Teaching.


C++ (13 yr.), web technologies (HTML/HTTP/REST/AJAX/CGI/templating languages/XML/XSLT/ XPath/JSON/etc.) (12 yr.), SQL (MS SQL Server & Reporting Services, Oracle, MS Access, MySQL, ODBC, JDBC, PL/SQL, Pro*C) (8 yr.), Java (7 yr.), Perl (5 yr.), C (2 yr.), C# (2 yr.), SCOPE (a SQL-like language built on top of the Dryad map-reduce-like environment for use on massively-parallel systems, similar to Hadoup+Hive/Pig or MapReduce+BigTable+Sawzall) (2 yr.), Javascript (1 yr.), UNIX shell scripting (2 yr.), Telescript, Tcl, 680x0 code, Mathematica, (BBC Structured) BASIC, FORTRAN, Z80 code, 6502 code, 6809 code, PL/9, FoxPro, PostScript, REXX, FORTH, Applescript. Lua.

Operating Systems:

UNIX (Linux, OS X, Solaris, IRIX, HP-UX, SunOS, OpenWindows, X-Windows, SunView, AIX), Macintosh, Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10, MS-DOS, z/OS, CPM, Phoenix.


CodeFlow, CVS, Perforce, gcc, MS Visual Studio, CodeWarrior, Think C with Objects, Symantec C++, MPW, ResEdit, Macintosh toolbox, Apple Installer Script, Macsbug, Jasik's Debugger, TMON, PageMaker, Perl, Spring, Hibernate, Envers, Jetty, JBOSS, IntelliJ, YourKit, Liquibase, javac, Netscape Commerce Server, Netscape Enterprise Server, Netscape Portal Engine, AOL Server, Netscape API, Apache, IIS, TEX, GCAL, Word, MacWrite, WriteNow, WordStar, Z, EMACS, csh, vi, ex, ed, sed, Mathematica, REDUCE, Excel, FoxPro, dBASE Mac, Hypercard, TOPS.

Employment Experience


Electric Cloud in San Jose, CA: Principal Software Engineer: worked on Electric Commander/Electric Flow, a multi-tier DevOps automation platform used for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, primarily on the server and database in Java under Jetty using Spring, Hibernate, Liquibase and JDBC with Oracle/MS SQL Server/MySQL, also some work on the client in C++, and automated tests and APIs in Perl and REST. Major contributions include converting the server from a single machine to a multi-machine cluster, designing and implementing searchable audit trails using Hibernate Envers, designing and building a tool to perform a major database schema change as an incremental background merge before upgrade to reduce downtime, integration with IBM zOS, and ongoing performance and reliability work. In April 2019 Electric Cloud was purchased by CloudBees.


Microsoft's Silicon Valley Campus in Mountain View, CA: Software Development Engineer: worked in the Bing Search Group. Helped build their Live QnA website doing both back-end work in C++, particularly on the interface to the search engine and index, machine learning, and some front-end UI work in C++, AJAX, and CSS. Then did design, architectural, and development work on several projects, mostly in C#, including a complex distributed database for search history storage and search result customization. Moved to log aggregation, data mining, and reporting for several projects using a proprietary massively-parallel processing system called COSMOS, in SCOPE, C#, and MS SQL.

Feb'04-Mar'06: of Palo Alto, CA, subsidiary of Amazon: Software Development Engineer III: worked for a couple of months in the website team, primarily doing Java performance testing for the website, then transferred over to the team responsible for Amazon product search service, where I did C++ and some PL/SQL development, primarily on the database backend to the search service, and also a little Perl scripting.


(while looking for permanent position)

Short term contract work at EFI, writing test scripts in Perl.


Netscape of Mountain View, CA, subsidiary of AOL Time Warner: Senior Software Engineer: wrote user interface code and utilities for a cross-platform calendar client in C/C++ using wxWindows cross-platform UI toolkit, CodeWarrior, MS Visual C++; and then worked on upgrades for My AOL website, primarily on logging, monitoring, reporting, and quality of service issues, using web technologies including PSP and ADP (Netscape/AOL proprietary HTML template languages similar to ASP or JSP), Perl, Java, Tcl, XSLT, XUL, SNS, LDAP, NPE, NES and AOL Server. Both projects shipped on time.


Extenex of Soquel, CA: Senior Software Engineer: wrote graphics code for performing slide transitions and animations, using the Microwindows graphics library under Linux, and a multi-threaded communications driver to do file transfer over a USB connection using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 and MFC under Windows 98 and Windows 2000.


(6 month contract earning money to return to US)

Cambridge, UK branch of Unigraphics Solutions: 6 month contract to modify Windows NT software for pay-per-use via secure SSL Internet billing and to build supporting database-driven e-commerce web-site on both Windows NT/2000 and UNIX, using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, MFC, OpenSSL cryptographic library, Perl 5.6, CGI, DBI, SQL, Microsoft IIS, Apache, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Javascript. Project completed on time.


ClariNet Communications, a.k.a. NaviLinks, of Santa Clara, CA: Senior Software Engineer: worked on natural-language processing, resource discovery on the Web using search engine technology, and real-time automated generation of HTML links from documents to relevant reference material on the Web, mostly in Perl 5 and C++ (with OSE library) under UNIX, some CGI work. I worked for them as a contractor remotely from the UK from July '98 to April '00. Came up with a way to shave many months off our development time by leveraging an existing web service.


General Magic of Sunnyvale, CA: Telescript Developer Technical Services Engineer: wrote and maintained multi-threaded sample and demo code in Telescript, Java and Perl, maintained and wrote shell scripts to maintain a UNIX public web server which was running this sample and demo code, user-tested new versions of the Telescript engine, and answered technical questions by e-mail.


intouch group, Inc. of San Francisco, CA: Lead programmer and web-master for an early complex streaming media/multimedia database-driven on-line commerce Web site using C (Pro*C), CGI, SQL, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Perl, Oracle and NSAPI under UNIX. Maintained and expanded the software for a Macintosh-based multimedia kiosk in MPW C++. Project shipped on time.


PetNet of Mountain View, CA: Did human interface design, coding, SQA testing, technical writing and training for a database and office automation package for use at humane society animal shelters in FoxPro under Windows. Supervised one other technical writer for part of this time.


Berkeley Systems  of Berkeley, CA: Wrote three multimedia screen saver modules (Little Mermaid, Cheshire Cat, and Capt. Hook) for the Disney-based After Dark package (shipped 10/93), and maintained and expanded the Mac/Windows cross-platform library used to develop it, working in Think C with Objects mostly on the Macintosh platform with a Mac/Windows cross-platform library. Project shipped on time.

I also had several vacation and part-time jobs in the software and electronics industries during my education, dating back to 1981: details available on request.

Research Experience


Post-doctoral research at the Institute for Theoretical Physics of the University of California at Santa Barbara.


Post-doctoral research with Prof. Stephen Hawking's group at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics of Cambridge University, UK.


Ph.D. ("Some Topics in Covariant String Field Theory") in Theoretical Physics with Prof. Stephen Hawking's group at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics of Cambridge University, UK:


Research Scholarship at Trinity College, Cambridge, UK,


Master of Arts (basically honorary) from Cambridge University, UK.

Skills Acquired:

Planning and carrying out major projects over long periods with little supervision, teaching students (including as TA), writing and lecturing about my work, C programming, technical writing, illustration, computer typesetting, computer algebra, numerical algorithms.

University Education


Certificate of Advanced Study in Mathematics (roughly equivalent to an M.Sc.) from Cambridge University, UK:


Senior Scholarship at Trinity College, Cambridge, UK,


Part III Mathematics (Theoretical Physics) - Distinction.


Bachelor of Arts with Honors from Cambridge University, UK:


Part II Mathematics (Theoretical Physics) - Second,


Open Entrance Scholarship at Trinity College, Cambridge, UK,


Part IB Natural Sciences (Physics, Mathematics) - First,


Part IA Natural Sciences (Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Geology) - First, awarded a Tripos Prize.

School Education


Open Entrance Scholarship (2/3 of fees waived) to Winchester College School, Winchester, UK:


Mathematics (Grades A/2), Further Mathematics (A/1), Physics (A/1), Biology (A), Chemistry (B),


BASIC & 6502 Computer Programming, Computer Art, Role-Playing Games, Electronics, Woodwork, Metalwork, Karate, Snorkel Diving.


New College School, Oxford, UK.



Two weeks

Residency Status:

Green card


Excellent health, Californian and UK driving licenses, speaks some French and a little German

Further Information

A hard-copy version of this resume, my references, copies of my letters of reference, my diplomas, my academic record and publication list, and samples of my work are all available on request.