Great Dragon Roll Call

Collecting together all the details of the Great Dragons in the Shadowrun world, separately from Earthdawn/Shadowrun Crossover Information. Bernd Loechel has been invaluable in providing information from the German sourcebooks and novels.

The Known Great Dragons


Sirrush. Demolished (“razed”— DP) Tehran in 2020 after the ayatollah in charge declared a jihad against the Awakened; currently believed to be lairing on Mount Ararat. (SR2 p223.) Received the Shroud of Shadows from Dunkelzahn. (DS p25.)


Western dragon? Has been passing a fruitcake back and forth with Dunkelzahn every Christmas since 2020. Not dead, but apparently believed so. (DS p26.) Runs Der Nachtmachen policlub, and describes Lofwyr as his brother. (Night’s Pawn p18-9.) In a bad way but not explicitly killed at the end of Night’s Pawn (p282-5). Referred to as “resurrected” in Post Mortem.

Alamaise (a name too close for coincidence) was the dragon who killed the Elven Queen Dallia before the Scourge in the Fourth World. (DoED1 p8.) Claimed to be the creator of the Elven race at that time: “You and your people are mine. You and your Wood belong to me. I gave you life.” (BW p29.) (Of course, Vasdenjas the Terrible, Eater of Cities, claims that dragons would have nothing to do with genetic engineering— quite possibly as a smokescreen, given the amount of protestation in CoB: “We dragons did not create hell hounds, nor do we keep them as pets... Certainly we have never indulged in any kind of dubious magical experimentation to produce these creatures; as far as I know, only your races subject other living beings to such butchery.” [p43.] “The naga is one of far too many creatures that seem to owe their existence to barbaric magical experiments with innocent living things.” [p62.] “The will o’ the wisp began as a magical construct... Why you smaller races insist on bothering with unnecessary tinkering, I do not understand. We dragons do not use our magical abilities so frivolously.” [p102.] On the other hand, dragons created the other Name-giver races according to Creanan— pre-Egyptian— legend [TE p43.]) Phil Levis reports information from Lou Prosperi on the Earthdawn mailing list: Alamaise was lord of the Wyrm Wood and was seriously wounded in the Second Age when the immortal elves rebelled against their dragon creators. Alamaise was also defeated by his brother Lofwyr in a battle for territory in Vasgothia (modern Germany).


Feathered serpent, female. Relatively young; woke to the Sixth World in March 2049. (BD p49.) Has no use for things of this world, according to Dunkelzahn, but is promised aid in her quest. (DS p33.)

A really horrifying plot idea I heard on the ShadowRN list:

From Mike Bobroff:
Arleesh is beginning to get the urge to mate soon. So a lot (30+) [of] dragons have begun to converge onto Seattle, and have begun to stake out territory. Aztechnology / Aztlan have replaced their EVP / Ambassador to Seattle with a Great Feathered Serpent named Kamalkahn. Life in Seattle is definitely very interesting right now.


Western dragon. Lairing in Caerleon, underneath an ancient Roman amphitheatre that is the center of a recently constructed Transys Neuronet research installation. Seen only three times since the Awakening. (L p128.) Associated with the Knights of Rage. (L p112.)


Western dragon, dark blue and silver. (SU.) Showed up in Denver on January 27, 2012 and laired briefly at Cherry Creek Lake, picked the a local anchorwoman, Holly Brighton for a 12-hour interview, and netted $13 million for it. “Interpreters” were John Timmons (2012–2022, deceased), Terri Ann Riberio (2028–2039, became an actress), and Nadja Daviar (2039–2057), who “reigns over the Lake Louise resort like its queen”. Produced a semi-annual show, “Wyrm Talk”, since 2043, the year after Holly Brighton retired from the media. (DP.)

Net worth at his death was estimated around 100 trillion nuyen, including 1% of Ares in his own right as well as all of Gavilan Ventures and its 12% and two seats on the board; 4 million shares of Renraku and a seat on the board; voting stock and a seat on the board of Aztechnology; a noticeable amount of Fuchi; and the Cayman islands (DS). Almost certainly Mountainshadow from Earthdawn, since Mountainshadow had a “human servant” named Darktooth, and Dunkelzahn means “Darktooth”. (ED). Both had lairs in the Caucasus. (DS, ED p294.) Lairs in Lake Louise (in Alberta, Canada), Prince Edward Island (just off Nova Scotia), the French Quarter of New Orleans, Maine, a mountain retreat at Rikon near Zurich (halfway between Zurich and Friedrichshafen).

One of the most interesting items on Dunkelzahn (in DP) is not well followed up on in the other source material:

...the continually advancing technology of the VisionQuest hardware is considered state-of-the-art for a direct-feed VR experience. The drgon himself seems fascinated by the concept of virtual reality, its applications and implications. Dragons, he is quoted as saying, have a unique understanding of reality, and anything that claims to create or define reality is of great interest to him.


Western dragon? Disappeared in 2014; rumor places him in Iceland (in the Trans-Polar Aleut). (G p24.) “Feuer” is “fire” and “schwinge” is a “wing”, so a translation would be “firewing”. (This is an interesting parallel with Icewing of Earthdawn fame. “Flamewing”, possibly more poetic, would be rendered as “Flammeschwinge”.)


Western dragon, male. (Name translates as “ugly”.) Killed near the end of the Secrets of Power trilogy.


Western dragon, female. (Color is difficult to tell from the illustration in CFS, but apparently pale; I’m going to designate her as ivory in color.) Took over Shasta Dam in 2053, replusing a Tir Tairngire invasion, to mixed reviews; peaceable people seem to get along, but she is in the habit of taking out visiting corporators. Controls the area around Mount Shasta in a 20 mile radius; troublemakers in her territory usually wind up with attitudes adjusted in the direction of friendliness and simplicity. Controls Shasta Lodge, which was formerly Shasta Ski Resort, now full of Initiated shamans and (some say) otaku. (CFS p19, 34-5.) Received the encryption key to Dunkelzahn’s databases in Zurich-Orbital, and delegated to distribute land to California’s Gypsies. (DS p28.) At a game-designer level, her name comes from the old soft drink slogan, “It has ta be Shasta.”


Feathered serpent. Leader and spokescreature of the forces controlling Amazonia. Believed to be lairing in the Yucatan. (SR2 p223.) Left the Elemental Scrolls of Ak’le’ar by Dunkelzahn. (DS p28.) Referred to in the feminine ("Sprecherin") in the German version of SR2.


Western dragon? Apparently killed in 2012 by Lofwyr and Nebelherr. (G p24.) “Kalte” is “frigid”, and “stein” is “stone”, so “Coldstone” might be a translation. (Translating it back would yield “Kalterstein”—. Kaltenstein was a high-security prison in Prussia in the 1800’s, in the Harz mountains quite some distance from the North Sea, however much that relates to anything...) He is referred to as a “Wasserrache”, a water dragon, and wrecked most of Hamburg’s harbor on May 29, 2021, in vengeance for the pollution of the North Sea. (DidS p73.)


Western dragon, gold. President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of the Saeder-Krupp AAA megacorporation. (CS, Threats p63.) On the Council of Princes of Tir Tairngire. (TT p37.) Lairs on Royal Hill in Portland, Tir Tairngire, as well as in a cave complex in the Tualatin Hills (formerly the Nature Park) near there. (TT p122.) Left the Jewel of Memory by Dunkelzahn. (DS p29.)


Appears under this name in a Shadowland post; physical identity unknown. Described by the Orange Queen as “sulking in a dark cave feeling all-powerful and wondering why no one else ever notices.” (DS p55.) This could match any number of Great Dragons, especially ones in the Fourth World, but Vasdenjas in particular is known as the Loremaster for his region. (D p17.) Warns against the folly of looking for draconic hatching grounds. (CP p136.) Phil Levis reports that Lou Prosperi says that Vasdenjas dies in Barsaive at War, so probably someone else took up the mantle of Loremaster.


Eastern dragon. (His name probably means “dragon” in Chinese.) Involved in several Tong wars. (SR2 p223.) Runs the Red Dragon Triad, and has red scales. (MW.) Left the Second Coin of Luck by Dunkelzahn (DS p29.)


Great Eastern dragon, male. Awakened from beneath Mt. Mayon in Bantayan during a lunar eclipse in 2014, second latest riser of the recorded greats (after Arleesh), called “the young one” by Dunkelzahn and “headstrong” by Orange Queen. Seeking to free the Philippines from Japanese rule. Dislikes the Yakuza, especially the Shotozumu-gumi. (CP p78-9.) Philippine name is Mameleu. His name in Japanese means “victory”. (CP p56.) States “my elders told me that our involvement in human affairs should be minimal.” (CP p62.) Sponsor of a band of Filipino freedom-fighters/terrorists/revolutionaries called the Huk, working to kick the Japanese imperialists out.


The Rain Queen, in Azania. Mythically protects the Xhosa from the Zulus. Lairs on Table Mountain near Cape Town. (Nosferatu.) Known to sell gold from her hoard. (CP p108.)


Western Dragon, green and yellow, massive scales. (The name would translate to Master of the Night or Nightlord.) Has impressive financial involvement in Germany and eathern/northern Europe; also seems to have a millenia-old treaty with the magical Dwarven kingdom of Hvaldos (underneath the Rhine-Ruhr-Megaplex), which may be some forgotten Kaer (Throalian refugees? immortal dwarfs?). He is rumored to have bought out Proteus corporation, the german-japanese consortium which builds the arcoblocks offshore Germany and Japan, and possibly also owner of the AG Chemie, ZetaImpChem’s european rival. Appeared in the “Deutschland in den Schatten” trilogy by Hans-Joachim Alpers, a German-only novel trilogy.


Presumably-western dragon, lairing in the Eifel and Harz mountains. (The Eifel are in the Grand Duchy of Westrhine-Luxemberg, and the Harz are in the North German League.) (G, p24.) Nebel is “fog” or “mist” and (since “Oberherr” is “overlord”), a good translation would be “Mistlord”.

Orange Queen

Appears under this name in a Shadowland post; physical identity unknown though probably Hestaby: Loremaster says “Your relationship with Dunkelzahn should ‘award’ you more than a token item.”, and Hestaby is the only entity known as a female dragon who received anything from him, unless the offered aid to Arleesh counts. (DS p55.) Uses such colloquialisms as “LOL” and “cool” in the Matrix. (CP.) Phil Levis asked Lou Prosperi about it at Origins after Earthdawn was cancelled, and Lou said that Hestaby was indeed the Orange Queen.


Western dragon. Welsh; awoke in 2022, and became partner of a young Kyle Morgan who went on to become a top-notch assassin for Aztechnology. Not explicitly named a Great Dragon, but the illustration shows him having a human form. (M, p67.) Received the bulk of Dunkelzahn’s music collection, save for the vintage jazz and blues. (DS p??.) Makes an appearance in Streets of Blood.


Western dragon, with scarlet scales and green eyes. Owns 4% of Ares and 6–7% of Shiawase, among many other things. Lairing in Llandovery, Wales, UK. (PR, pp60-63.) (L, p18.) Received the Silver Songbird from Dunkelzahn. (DS, p30.) The name Rhonabwy turns up in the Mabinogion.


Eastern dragon. Disappeared after being seen on December 24, 2011 at Mt. Fuji, Ise, and Kyoto, in Japan. (SR2 p223.) Has a vassal, the feathered serpent Naheka, running ALOHA in Hawai’i (PL p58.) Received the Ring Ouroboros from Dunkelzahn. (DS p26.) Indirectly controls a significant amount of the Yakuza through Akira Watada, head of the Pacific Rim Rengo. (MW.) Has strong yakuza ties. (CP.)


Feathered (!) Western dragon. (The name translates to Snowflake.) Appeared in 2012, settled on the Palais of Nations in Geneva for some 5 minutes and then disappeared, not to be seen ever since. The dragon is said to be in the Alpine Forbidden Zone (Alpeninterdikszone). (C&D p67.)

The Sea Dragon

A mysterious dragon who lives in an underground cave in Cardigan Bay in Wales. (L p128.)


Western dragon, called “the Destroyer” by Dunkelzahn (DS p33.) May have been one of the three Great Dragons that helped to found Amazonia; has attacked corporate and government holdings in Europe, and responsible for the destruction of EuroAir flight 329. (SR2 p223.)


Soñador (“dreamer”) is a Great Feathered Serpent on the revolutionary council of the Aztlan Freedom League. He goes as Kukulcán in human form. He is seeking independence for the Yucatán, with himself as president. (BS p78–87, 143–146)

Where Are They Now?

The Great Dragons of Barsaive seem to show a certain degree of cooperation together against the Therans, especially in the matter of a young woman of some magical significance to them (Aardelea). (SSoB p6.) Some may be victims of the “down-cycle hunting” mentioned in Aztlan.


A female, presumably western. Lived in the Mist Swamps in the river delta around modern-day Azov (just off the Sea of Azov next to the Black Sea) guarding an ancient city that may date back to the early Fourth World or even the Second World. (SSoB p7.)


Lived under the Throal Mountains (now the Prvolzskaja Vozvyšennost’ (uplands). (SSoB p8.)


A female, presumably western. Lived in a network of tunnels somewhere in the area of northern Germany or the Netherlands with a bunch of warped Name-givers. (TE p157.)


Another blue-and-silver who might be related to Dunkelzahn (SSoB p7); inclined to deal with mortals in exchange for respectable gifts (ED p??). (If it weren’t for the color difference, I might think him to be Lofwyr...) Laired on the heights of Mount Vapor in the Throal Mountains, which seem to have become the Prvolzskaja Vozvyšennost’ (uplands) southeast of Moscow in the modern era. (There should be a caron over the z in Privolzskaja as well, but HTML has its limitations.) (SSoB p6.)

Mole Skin

A “blind, grublike great dragon... who can see the future as if all moments in time are occurring simultaneously” lived under the site of modern-day Rome (TE p138) and is rumored to have been running the cult of the passion Prima, a thinly disguised reference to the coming of Christianity.


Lived in the Liaj Jungle near present-day Kiev. (SSoB p8.)


Known as “the Terrible” and “Eater of Cities” (though he claims that the former was bestowed by farmers getting their cattle eaten and he only ate one city), and friendly enough to offer a great deal of information on the critters of the Earthdawn era. (CoB.)


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