The Twilight Brigade Initiatory Group

The initiatory group is a rather unusual one in that it not only allows shamans, mages, and physical adepts to work together, but it also permits those who are not magically active to join the group. Mundanes can join the group for a cost of 1 karma instead of 3; it takes 6 mundanes committing to the group to get one additional die toward getting an Astral Contact during the search. Since they are not magically active in the first place, the mundanes cannot actually initiate; however, they can join the group on Astral Quests (as long as they are physically present with a magically active member of the group), and any oaths they make in committing to the group bind them as surely as if they were magical. A broken oath will be evident in the aura of the oathbreaker.

This costs an extra +2 target number on your astral contact— above that for having mages and shamans in the same group— and has almost no effect on game play other than for roleplaying purposes. It permits characters in a very paranoid line of work to trust each other, and it offers the opportunity for everyone to take part in Astral Quests when the current GM feels like running something in a different genre.

Group Strictures

  1. Belief:
    The harmony of the living world is of great importance. True innocents should be protected. Ending a life should never be taken lightly. Sentient life is of great importance, and all are deserving of equal consideration.
  2. Material Link:
    Anyone in the group must freely give ritual samples upon joining; any time they create a thesis, the group must be given a copy.
  3. Fraternity:
    A member may call upon any other member(s) to place themselves in no more than equal jeapordy to the caller in coming to the caller’s aid.
  4. Oath:
    I affirm that my beliefs agree with the stated beliefs of this group.
    I will not draw frivolously upon the bonds of fraternity.
    I will be a good steward of the group’s resources.
    I will abide by the group’s administrative rules.


A majority of the group must agree on accepting penance for deviations from the strictures, and to authorize expenditures from the group’s funds.

A minimum of two-thirds of the group is requires for censure or impeachment of a member, or for amending the rules.

New members may only join with unanimous consent of the group.


The group has Hermetic libraries in Magical Theory, Sorcery, Conjuring, and Enchanting at rating 8, thanks to Talks-With-Cats. They maintain a High lifestyle for the group, which allows a number of them to live in Middle lifestyle housing. The High lifestyle is prepaid through 10/54.

Treasury: 923,462¥.


Fake Companies

Pharos Safety Consulting, Inc.

Eclipse Holdings, AG

Gnomon Import Export Company

Maine Coon Investments, Inc.

Things to do

Team Karma Pool: 19 dice

Contributors: Violet (twice), Dan (thrice), Lightfoot (twice), Rikki (twice), Barry (twice), Cats (twice), Theora (twice), Johnny (twice).


3 AK-98’s; 1 Panther Assault Cannon; 1 Ares MP LMG; 1 multi-launcher with 2 anti-personnel missiles, 2 AVM’s, and 2 HE missiles; 1 mortar with 6 AP shells, 6 HE shells, 12 smoke, 12 insecticide, 24 tear gas, and 24 neuro-stun VIII; BMW Blitzen; Honda Viking.