More contacts to flavor your game.

Most folks who work in fields where a Task Pool comes in handy will be given encephalons and even cerebral boosters. Mnemonic enhancers are similarly helpful for people in jobs that require keeping track of large amounts of data. Math SPUs are common among people who need to deal with scientific and finanical data. In general, a corp will find it worthwhile to invest an amount on the order of a person’s annual salary in cyberware and bioware for them (though this involves the person being in a binding contract for several years, so they can reap their investment).

Many of these contacts are there to make characters think: “That could be me, living well, far away from the shadows in a low-stress job.” With these options clearly spelled out, players should come up with good reasons as to why their character is risking their neck in the shadows.

Magical Contacts

Firefighter Mage

“Some mages risk their lives providing security for a corporation or fighting crime. I prefer to risk mine saving lives. My spells make me into a walking hook-and-ladder truck and a pump that can put out fires when the water mains are gone.”


“Don’t worry, ma’am. I’ve got you.”
“Get out of the way!”
“Hang on. There’s someone trapped in the elevator.”


A Fire Adept (or Sorcery Adept or appropriate-totem Shamanic Adept) who has a variety of combat spells that put out fires, create firebreaks, and so on. Alternatively, an Earth Adept (or appropriate-totem shaman) who uses manipulation spells to put out fires and can use telekinesis to rescue people from burning buildings, and Water Adepts can even work with combat and manipulation spells that have water effects. High lifestyle. This archetype can also be a demolitions expert who uses magic in place of explosives. Spells: Levitate Person, Physical Barrier, Smother, Waterhose, Anti-Gas Barrier, Treat.


“My job is to bring people the truth. My entire livelihood depends on my veracity. I’ve been everywhere from business deals to courts of law.”


“I’m sorry, I really can’t take bribes.”
“He’s holding something back.”
“I can’t detect the absolute truth; I can only tell you what he believes.”


An Air Adept (or Sorcery Adept or appropriate-totem Shamanic Adept) who has staked their professional reputation on reporting the results of his spells. Several different ones may be present at a meeting, casting Analyze Truth or Translate for pay. These people can also find work using spells such as X-Ray Vision for building inspection (or helping police investigations), analyzing the stresses on structures, or using analysis spells to perform diagnoses in hospitals. Such people also use ritual magic to trace lost people and items, and may find it useful to have runners owing them a favor to guard them on the astral, in case they find something that doesn’t want to be found. High lifestyle. Spells: Analyze Truth, Analyze Device, Analyze Magic, X-Ray Vision, Mind Probe, Translate.


“The world of fashion is always moving. To be on the cutting edge of style, you can’t wait around for someone to do a job of sewing. I can give you a makeover in minutes that will have out in front of the pack.”


“Trust me, you’ll look positively divine with iridescent hair.”
“Body armor is passé, dear.”
“You’ll be the envy of the entire party.”


A Sorcery Adept who specializes in spells such as Fashion, Makeover, and Healthy Glow. Such people command impressive salaries, as they can walk into your home and give you a complete makeover, transforming clothing into a unique creation or picking it out of a catalog. (Earth Adepts can work this way without Healthy Glow.) Luxury lifestyle.

Heavy Lifter

“Sure, I’m just a mover. Not all mages are ivory-tower brainiacs or walking death spells. I can save you days of packing and unpacking, and none of your fragile stuff will break in transit— and I’m fully insured, too.”


“How did you get that thing up that staircase? I’m gonna have to dismount the window to get it out.”
“Ahhh, it’s only a few tons. No problem.”
“I wish you’d told me you had a fishtank. I’m gonna need to go home and get the adaptor to plug it into to make the trip.”


An Earth Adept (or Sorcery Adept or appropriate-totem Shamanic Adept) who specializes in movement manipulations. Movement spells designed to handle bookshelves full of breakables make life much easier than packing for moving; another spell to distribute acceleration uniformly over a truck’s cargo area continues the work. People living at High and Luxury lifestyle will pay the 500¥ to 1000¥ fee for this person to take a day to move their nice clean house to a truck and into a new location. (The truck probably has a spell lock for the uniform acceleration.)

Mystic Surgeon

“What doctors do with scalpels and drugs, I do with magic. There are few things that a tool can do that a spell cannot, and my methods are much safer for the magically active.”


“Well... I’m not supposed to do facial surgery without keeping before and after holos on file...”
“Just close your eyes. The anaesthetic spell will keep you from feeling anything.”
“You’ll be ready to walk out of here in a few hours.”


A Sorcery Adept (or appropriate-totem Shamanic Adept or a Healing Adept, if your game has these) who specializes in healing spells, some of which will be heavily adapted for performing various different surgical feats (such as liposuction, reshaping flesh and bone, removing scar tissue, and so on). Most large hospitals have at least one on staff. High to Luxury lifestyle.


“Technology and magic aren’t antithetical. It’s mass production and automatic fabrication that make it difficult. It’s not efficient to manufacture precision instruments by hand— but magicians who need it will pay my price.”


“Yeah, I can build it for you. But anything that precise will cost you a lot.”
“What is this fascination you guys have with enchanting guns?”
“Now that could be interesting to try. But I want to see the million nuyen up front.”


The Machinist is usually a Sorcery Adept, but sometimes a full magician, who can craft relatively modern technological items using magic. She is accustomed to casting spells at very small objects, with magnifying glasses and microscopes to let her operate in such a small world, using micrometers and laser interferometers to attain the kind of precision normally available only by machining. Good scores in Physical Sciences and Electronics B/R are necessary for this kind of work, along with a plethora of spells that can shape small objects, alloy metals from their constituent elements, adjust the crystalline or amorphous structure of materials, separate a chunk of ore into its constituent elements, and polymerize plastics out of monomers. Other appropriate skills are various Weapon B/R skills.

The Sorcery Adepts of this type can produce handmade telesma; the full magicians can enchant items as virgin telesma (and you better be willing to be at their beck and call to supply the karma). These are the folks that understand metallurgy well enough to make the spring steel for that switchblade Weapon Focus, and have the extremely specialized spells to dikote blades out of raw carbon. Their services are extremely expensive, as very few magicians have the appropriate orientation toward scientific matters and the patience to work in fabrication like this.

Such mages cannot produce anything requiring extensive microcircuitry and definitely cannot produce anything requiring 2050-level optical computing. Small microcircuits can usually be replicated at a macroscopic level using transistors. These mages can make that orichalcum-laced compound bow with the pulley system for the Zen archer in your group. (The arrows won’t hurt spirits, but the item ought to add to the skill for shooting the bow.) A pistol or machine-gun should be possible, but any smartlink will have to be external.

This contact is not likely to give much in the way of discounts to the PC. Skills this rare will lead to a lifestyle easily in the High to Luxury range, and many such folk will have enough money to be living it up on the interest from their investments, only taking projects that are actually interesting to them. This person is the equivalent of a delta clinic for mages.

Entertainment Contacts

Metahuman Vocal Soloist

“The Awakening brought a new diversity to music. We’re only beginning to learn the capabilities of the metahuman voice.”


“Let’s see a human just try to hit that note.”
“I prefer working with orchestras to doing opera.”
“Well, yes, I think I did meet her at the grand opening...”


The variation of species has produced a diversity of voices that composers before the Awakening only dreamed about. Elves produce incredible sopranos and countertenors, Dwarfs and Trolls impressive bassos, and Orks superb resonant baritones; Ork and Troll women can carry the color of an alto voice well into the low baritone range. Low to Luxury lifestyle, depending on the fame, with an appropriate range of social connections. (Inspired by Bull’s Dwarven opera singer.) Some of these may be Physical Adepts concentrating on their art; others may have mnemonic enhancers to help them memorize scores.

Financial Contacts


“I need to be in touch with the market every moment of the working day, and there are always markets active somewhere on the planet. I have the latest data feeds scrolling through my head and a mainframe full of analysis software to keep tabs on the latest trends. People are trusting me with millions of nuyen, their lives’ savings, and I have to repay that trust.”


“So you’re expecting Fuchi Microtronics stock to take a dip soon? Let me see if I can discreetly get you some short positions.”
“I really love my job. I don’t need that much vacation. Pass the soykaf pitcher, please.”
“I specialize in the East Asian markets; I have to sleep sometime, so I can’t follow them all.”


Someone with their finger on the pulse of the global market, invaluable to runners who want to arrange additional profit off a run or buying a lifestyle. Cyberware: Commlink-IV, Encephalon-4, Math SPU-4, Display Link, Cerebral Booster-2, Mnemonic Enhancer-4. High to luxury lifestyle. This archetype can also work well for mutual fund managers and so on.


“You leave a trail of transactions everywhere you go, using a credstick. I can find the patterns in your infodumps that give you tax breaks, that let you keep a little more nuyen out of the taxman’s grasp. But you have to tell me everything or you could get in big trouble.”


“Please don’t tell me how you earned it. All I need to know is the data trail.”
“There’s a difference between saving for your retirement and saving for beta grade cyberware.”
“If you pay me for doing taxes for all your fake ID’s, it could blow their cover if one gets sniffed out. Now, you said you know a rigger who brings in California hots?”


A person who knows the ins and outs of accounting and tax law, who can help you camouflage your ill-gotten gains from the eyes of the government. Middle to High lifestyle. Cyberware: Math SPU-4, Datajack, Display link.

Technical Contacts

Machinist Rigger

“Sure, I got a rigger setup for my car. As long as I have this cyber, why not? But I don’t go in for that seat-of-the-pants getting-shot-at drek or staying up all night feeling bored security guards walk around in my intestines, and I don’t need the incredible level of certification it takes to fly a suborbital. I do real work, I make things. With the setup at work, I can jack into micromanipulators in a clean room or run a lathe with more precision than anyone using bare hands.”


“Those are the blueprints? Yeah, I could run a couple up after hours.”
“You shadowrunners... all you ever think of are violent applications of technology.”
“That one looks tricky. It’ll cost you.”


Some riggers endanger their lives working in security, and some take vehicles through high-threat situations. Many, however, live relatively safe lives controlling factories. Machinist riggers jack into entire factories the way that security riggers jack into buildings, and their work allows fine tuning of robot-controlled manufacturing devices. With a vehicle control rig, a person can use teleoperated systems in a clean room without going through all the trouble of getting into a special suit. These people can end up working anywhere from the assembly line to training robots to run unattended. Middle lifestyle. Cyberware: Vehicle Control Rig-1. High lifestyle: Vehicle Control Rig-2, Encephalon-4.

Corporate Software Engineer

“I show up at work, sit down, and jack in. The pay is good, and people are never going to run out of a need for programmers. Computers are everywhere.”


“No, I don’t deck. I could lose my job.”
“Come on! That’s grey IC. It could burn out my hardware. Do you know how much I paid for this cyberterminal?”
“Black IC! They’re not supposed to have black IC! That drek’s illegal!”


Most programmers never bother with serious decking. The industry producing IC to keep deckers out of hosts is only a small segment of a huge market for computer games, device controllers, information filters, encryption devices, and development tools to help make more of these. Programmers vary from Low-lifestyle grunts who do basic work to the brilliant designers who command High and Luxury lifestyles. Cyberware: Low lifestyle: datajack. Middle lifestyle: datajack, display link, 100Mp headware memory, encephalon-2, math SPU-4. High lifestyle: datajack, encephalon-4, math SPU-4, 100Mp headware memory, display link, cerebral booster-2, mnemonic enhancer-4. Luxury: as high, but alpha, beta, or delta grade cyberware.

Street Contacts

Good Humor Ork

“I’ve got the goodies for the kiddies and the info for the runners. The kids don’t mind telling me what they see in exchange for a popsicle or an ice cream cone, and I have a hundred extra pairs of eyes.”


“Ice cream! Popsicles! Hot chocolate!”
“Well, kid, if you can’t afford ice cream, whyncha hang out with yer pals on that corner there and remember the time that Renraku delivery van goes by?”
Passing over 2 clips of standard ammo and one of gel in popsicle wrappers: “Here ya go, two mega-pops an’ an ice cream bar.”


The Good Humor Ork drives an armored truck through low class neighborhoods, playing jaunty tunes; he dispenses hot and cold treats from behind a layer of armor glass. Children love to hear the music coming through the neighborhood, because even if they have no cred, they can get treats if they give the fellow good information. If they give the wrong info, though, no more treats again, ever— there’s always some kid in the neighborhood who made something up and never got any ice cream again. In rainy Seattle, he serves hot chocolate and other warm treats as well as the frozen stuff.

Grown-ups with a street rep can get other things from the Good Humor Ork: information, and low-Availability weapons. (He usually has a few Ares Predators and a variety of ammunition available in a hidden compartment in his van.)

Cyberware: little to none.