Shadowrun Pages that Link to This Site

I have a Big Brother script set up that analyzes the access logs for this web site, including the referring URLs. These are the web sites that actually link to this site (other than award sites):

Award and Link Site Usage

These are the award sites that actually are forwarding people to this site, in descending order of popularity:
  1. Shadowrun Webring Featured Pages and the Shadowrun Webring in general
  2. The Great RPG Archive
  3. Winterhawk’'s Web Sites with Character
  4. Wowee
  5. The Shadow Award
  6. The Mining Company seems to be back, but I can’t find the “Best of the Net” award for Shadowrun on their site and the item they link to me has nothing to do with my web site.
  7. Wowee
  8. Paolo Marcucci’s Shadowrun Archive
  9. The Good Karma Award
  10. Dragon’s Deal Award Winners
  11. Prince Etrigan’s Cool Links to Other RPG Web Sites
  12. Tiree’s Edges and Flaws page cribs from mine and admits it.
  13. Dodger's links page
  14. Links2Go
  15. The Students of War and Oppression Credsticks Page links to mine.
  16. Tauri’s Shadowrun Site
  17. Colin Nichols' Shadowrun links page.
  18. Christian Rühl’s Links page
  19. Vd’s Shadowrun page
  20. Unnmaed SR Campaign

Feng Shui pages that link to this site

Ars Magica pages that link to this site