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The Mr. Squishy Show


Squishy On-Line (SOL) finally abandons its optimized-for-lynx standard. Now you can visit Mr. Squishy's photo gallery!

Season Five: The fun continues

It's hard to believe, but we've been on KCSB (91.9FM in Santa Barbara) for over a year. Our fifth season starts June 24, 1996. Doghouse Riley and Joe Schlobotnik will continue to bring you the Mr. Squishy Show from midnight to 2am Monday night, followed by the Cavalcade of Fun from 2-3am.

How about that KCSB Monday Night lineup?

Summertime, and the DJs are easy--er, that is to say...
8-10pm, High Fidelity Potroast
Fräulein M starts off our evening from her private Polka Lounge.
10pm-mid, Untucked Music
Doug Miller brings you a potpourri of obscure hard-edged rock and musical kitsch.
mid-2am, The Mr. Squishy Show
Doghouse Riley and Joe Schlobotnik do their thing.
2-3am, Cavalcade of Fun
A bit of unusual classical music, a bit of radio drama, who knows what else. An hour of stuff just too darned big to fit in the Mr. Squishy Show.
3am-6am, The new guys
Be nice to them, they're the new guys.

But wait, there's more

The Squishy empire expands into the afternoon:
4:30-5:30pm Tuesday, Mr. Squishy's Cocktail Hour
Doghouse Riley serves up the finest blend of lounge since, well, since 10:00 the night before!
5-5:30pm Wednesday, SportSummer
Dave and Rachel give you the week in sports, with Joe Schlobotnik along to lend a hand.

Hey, you guys at the Ministry of Culture are asleep at the wheel! We want more bands!

Demanding socio-zombies, aren't you. How about Frenchy, the Bay Area's finest purveyors of Industrial Catamaran Jazz? Just make sure the singer gets her free martini, and nobody will get hurt.....If you like Elastica, you'll love Sleeper, "Yet Another Female-Fronted Band" from the UK, banging out edgy, New Wave, Chick Rock.........For a modern spin on traditional Yiddish music, check out the Klezmer Conservatory Band, part of the New York Klezmer renaissance. Only a meshuggener wouldn't like them............And back on the jazz front, North Carolina's Squirrel Nut Zippers bring you "hot music" in the '20s '30s and '40s Dixieland style.............

Where do I send the demo tape that will make my career?

Associated Students/UCEN
Santa Barbara, CA 93106
Attn: The Mr. Squishy Show

What are the hottest sites on the web?

Why are you asking us?


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