FM Season One: Summer 1995 (6:50-8:50am Mon, KCSB)

Episode One: "Lambs to Slaughter" 95-07-03

Episode Two: "Lethal Whale-Meat Missiles" 95-07-10

Episode Three: "uhtna gehwylce" 95-07-17

Episode Four: "Atomic Party Machine" 95-07-24

Episode Five: "The Man Who Was Damned" 95-07-31

Episode Six: "Black Blood of the Earth" 95-08-07

Episode Seven: "Zucchini Corn Chowder with Salmon" 95-08-15

Episode Eight: "Escalating Fetishist" 95-08-22

Episode Nine: "Edith Keeler Must Die" 95-08-28

Episode Ten: "How Do You Like Your Eggs?" 95-09-04

Episode Eleven: "H.T.F." 95-09-11

Episode Twelve: "Country Death Trip" 95-09-18

Episode Thirteen: "Happy Scrappy Hero Pup" 95-09-25

Episode Fourteen: "Queens of Swing" 95-10-02

Episode Fifteen: "Naked Bootleg" 95-10-09

Last Modified: 1995 October 23
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