Episode 205: "Eight to the Bar"

1995 November 13
Doghouse Riley, Randal
Other Bits:
Doghouse and Randal's ersatz hockey report, Ivy League Football and ECAC Hockey from Joe P------k, on remote in Brooklyn
Pledge drive, but no one calls
Daisy Chainsaw, "Love Your Money"
Ensemble Escargot, "16 Tons"
The Coctails, "Fire in the Hole"
The Beat Farmers, "Big Ugly Wheels"
Lords of Acid, "Must Increase My Bust"
Pizzicato Five, "Good!"
Frency, "Spiderman"
Laika and the Cosmonauts, "Mission: Impossible"
Dick Dale, "Hava Nagila"
Art Phag, "Hava Nagila"
The Ziggens, "Something About a Waitress"
Esquivel, "Mucha Muchacha"
Pete Johnson, "Holler Stomp"
Albert Ammons, "Bass Goin' Crazy"
The Squirrel Nut Zippers, "Wash Jones"
Frenchy, "Groovy"
Ensemble Escargot, "A Shot in the Dark"
MC900ft Jesus, "Adventures in Failure"
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"You Do It, I'm Bitter"

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