Episode 208: "Hey Minister Tallyrand"

1995 December 4
Doghouse Riley, Joe P------k
Other Bits:
Sci-Fi Summary, ECAC Hockey, Mr. Squishy's reruns.
It's DEAD week.
The Vice Royals, "Girl in a Martini Glass"
Camper Van Beethoven, "O Death"
Boiled in Lead, "Twa Corbies"
The Dead Milkmen, "Lucky"
Harry Belafonte, "Scratch, Scratch"
The Kingston Trio, "Tom Dooley"
Violent Femmes, "Country Death Song"
Dick Dale, "The Beast"
Ruder Than You, "Swallow Blood"
Esquivel, "My Blue Heaven"
Zydeco Force, "When the Saints Go Marchin' In"
The Pogues, "Turkish Song of the Damned"
Frenchy, "Devil's Beatin' His Wife"
Cake, "Pentagram"
Grieg/London Symphony Orchestra, "In the Hall of the Mountain King"
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, "13 Women"
The Dead Milkmen,
Sara Dedselle, "Touch Me I'm Sick"
Hot Damn!, "Poison in My Wine"
They Might Be Giants, "Dig My Grave"
Frodus, "Killing an Arab"
The Ziggens, "Heart Attack"
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, "Go Daddy-O"
The Squirrel Nut Zippers, "Lugubrious Whing-Whang"
Ween, "Spinal Menengitis"
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