FM Season Three: Winter 1996 (12-2am Tue, KCSB)

Episode One: "Home Fried Potato" 96-01-22

Episode Two: "Your Choice of Meats" 96-01-29

Episode Three: "Five No Trump" 96-02-05

Episode Four: "Bastard Squad" 96-02-12

Episode Five: "Empty Net Goal" 96-02-19

Episode Six: "The Sauce of the Future" 96-02-26

Episode Seven: "Searching for the Low Chair" 96-03-04

Episode Eight: "Assignment: MURDER!" 96-03-11

Episode Nine: "Breakfast Scotch" 96-03-18

Episode Ten: "I Had a Dream I Met Ken Nordine" 96-03-25

Episode Eleven: "Vaus" 96-04-01

Episode Twelve: "Number One Son" 96-04-08

Last Modified: 1996 April 6
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