FM Season Four: Spring 1996 (12-2am Tue, KCSB)

Episode One: "Rooting Around in the Fanny Pack" 96-04-15

Episode Two: "The Meat of Love" 96-04-22

Episode Three: "Rapid Asphyxiation" 96-04-29

Episode Four: "Ses de Mayo" 96-05-06

Episode Five: "All Alone in the Ruck" 96-05-13

Episode Six: "Some Plastics are Impossible to Crush" 96-05-20

Episode Seven: "Sub-Lambda" 96-05-27

Episode Eight: "Good Morning, Mr. Squishy" 96-06-03

Episode Nine: "Fifty Black Ships" 96-06-10

Episode Ten: "Now What?" 96-06-17

Last Modified: 1996 June 24
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