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The Mr. Squishy Show Web Companion

Okay, you're saying to yourself, I can watch the Mr. Squishy Show, I can read about the Mr. Squishy show on the World Wide Web, but what if I want to explore the Web while watching the Mr. Squishy Show? What other sites should I check out as background material to enhance my Mr. Squishy experience?

Our answer: you have way too much time on your hands. But far be it from us to question the priorities of our listeners. (After all, screwed-up priorities are the main reason we have listeners.) So here are a few links you might like to check out...

"Pretty much everyone on the internet is an annoying time waster"-Doghouse Riley, "Pave the Earth"

Joe Schlobotnik's Sports Machine

Now you too can use the full power of the Internet to keep updated on the three marquée sports of the Mr. Squishy Show:

College Hockey

The best way for you, the listener at home, to get the latest in college hockey news practically as it happens has, for several years been to subscribe to the Hockey-L mailing list. Unfortunately, it's also been the best way to receive 80 fascinating and pertinent messages a day on such topics as whether the "sieve" chant is unsportsmanlike and the best technique for throwing fish on the ice. But the understanding folks at Hockey-L have created a new mailing list just for informational postings, Info-Hockey-L. Finally, if you're just interested in the scores and don't want any email, the Men's Divison I Composite Schedule is updated pretty regularly.

Amateur Baseball

Ah, baseball, our national pastime and the most beautiful sport ever created. Log off and go enjoy some already. If you want to know where and when to find some, you can follow the link above and let Skilton's Baseball Links tell you. And if you're in Santa Barbara, Saugerties or Ithaca, you can check out one of Joe Schlobotnik's amateur baseball picks, the Santa Barbara Foresters, Saugerties Dutchmen or Ithaca Lakers

Real College Football

We all know Division I-A Big Time College Football is little more than a minor league for the NFL, but at the Division I-AA, II and III levels, people still remember what it's all about: trounce your rivals and win your conference. If your local newspaper skimps on the real college results, never fear. The Nando sports server has an "Other/Small Colleges" section where you can read the AP stories the local paper doesn't care to show you. The "lower" divisions do have National Championships, but at least they're settled by tournaments. If you want to follow the National I-AA scene, check out Patrick Dunn's I-AA Preview.

Mr. Squishy Sports

And of course, there's the Mr. Squishy Show's sports coverage. In case you missed any of our baseball, football or hockey reports, we've saved them for you on the web.

UC Santa Barbara Sports Clubs

It's not exactly Mr. Squishy Sports, but I've also started doing a Club Sports Roundup on KCSB's Sports Spot, 5:15-5:30 Thursday afternoons. Check it out.

Sci-Fi Summary

"Can we get back to the music, please?"--The Fisherman, "Naked Bootleg"

Oh yeah, the music. Well, how about the Punk Bands Web Directory; their definition of punk is a bit broad; here's a sample:

For a more mellow groove, try the Space Age Bachelor Pad Music site. Esquivel and more! Along similar lines, look what we found on the Sub-Pop Records site:

Frenchy, one of our favorite lounge acts, don't have a web site, but you can send them e-mail

They prefer to call their brand of '20s-'40s jazz "hot music", but fans of lounge may also want to check out the The Squirrel Nut Zippers, on Mammoth records.

Oh, and KCSB has finally followed our lead and got a Web Site of their own.

Last Modified: 1996 February 15
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