Amurgsval's Library

The Library is defended by Olga the Librarian, who has been taking care of the books for more than a mortal lifetime, thanks to a longevity potion from Gambrinus. Due to the influence of the scriptorium! upon the library, the magi keep a number of tomes in a portion of the library not easily accessible (and hidden from visitors).

Notations on texts:

The arcane library may be summarised as:
Creo 5°, 14, 14¤, 17§, 22§ Terram 14, 15÷, 17¤, 8°, 17§, 21 Animál 6°, 9§, 13, 13¤, 15
Intéllego 12§, 13°, 20¤, 24, 31÷ Auram 2°, 15¤, 19, 20§ Herbam 9°, 11§, 11¤, 13
Muto 14, 16¤, 16°, 16§, 24 Ignem 8°, 13¤, 17, 19§ Mentem 13°, 18§, 18, 20¤, 30,
Rego 15°, 18, 18¤, 22§ Aquam 4°, 10¤, 10§, 20 Corpus 8°, 12¤, 12§, 18§, 20
Perdo 4°, 13¤, 18§, 19 Vim 8°, 12§, 15, 18§, 20÷, 20¤ Imágonem 7°, 13§, 14¤, 20

Special texts:

The "mundane" library contains a number of texts:
Magical theory[inventing spells]12Latin"The Art of Spellcraft"
Magical theory/ Enigmatic Wisdom [nature power] 16/8 Latin "Some Deeper Aspects of Nature", by Gambrinus of Verditius
Enigmatic Wisdom [explaining the Enigma] 5 Latin "The Annotated Travels of Fedoso"
Enigmatic Wisdom [twilight] Latin "Mysteries of the Twilight Void"
Enigmatic Wisdom [the Far Lands] (11) Latin "The Teeming Void" by Visitor Somni: written to take people from Enig Wis 9 to 11, with two extra seasons taken to make it accessible without building on a specific other book. Nemo will eventually write in a riddle as a forward.
Enigmatic Wisdom [Imágonem] 12¤ Latin Book of enigmatic poetry about Imágonem. Spont PeVi(Im) to read, otherwise it's blank. Roll a die: 0-3 reading Im text of level 2*(Stress + your EW), 4-7 = EW text of level 2*(your Im + Stress), 8-9 whichever score of yours is lower
Enigmatic Wisdom [Vim] ? Latin Apparent wretched biography of Julius Caesar; turns to "Vim Magica's Guide to the Realm of Vim" if "Rego Imagonem" spoken on opening. Study it for a season: get 3 xp EW or roll for twilight.
Hermes Lore [House Bonisagus] 4 Latin "A History of House Bonisagus"
Hermes Lore [tomes] Latin "Great Works of Hermetic Authors"
Hermes Lore [House Tytalus] ? Latin History of House Tytalus to about 950 ad
Hermes Lore/Philosophy [House Tytalus] ? Latin Memoirs of Huriste, 2nd primus "To Fight is to Grow"
Hermetic Law [traditionalist] 4 Latin "The Peripheral Code of the Order of Hermes"
Hermetic Law [transitionalist] Latin "Interpretation of Hermetic Law"
Faerie Lore [local] 4 Latin "The Good Neighbors of the Stone-Girt Vale", by Gambrinus
Faerie Lore [diplomacy] Latin "Treaties and Pacts with the Faerie Folk"
Fantastic Beast Lore [aves] 3 Latin "The Avian Bestiary"
Fantastic Beast Lore [vis content] Latin "The Magical Power of Beasts"
Fantastic Beast Lore [undead] 7 Latin "Upon the Magical Beasts of Europe and Asia", by Magister Osseum
Dragon Lore [lifestyle] 6 Latin "Dragons: Most Noble of the Mystic Beasts"
Occult Lore [undead] 5 Latin "The Walking Dead"
Occult Lore [undead] 10 Latin "The Occult", by Magister Osseum
Legend Lore [forests] 6 Latin "Tales of the Forests"
Medicine [apothecary] 4 Latin The Healing Properties of Forest Plants
Medicine [physicianry] 5 Greek some of Galen's work
Medicine [anatomy] 7 Latin "Upon the Constitution of the Human Body", by Magister Osseum
Veterinary Medicine [anatomy] 3 Arabic "On the Bodies of Animals"
Church Lore [politics] Greek "Politics of the Byzantine Church"
Church Knowledge (Catholic) [history] 1 Latin Compilation of the ex cathedra statements of the Pope ca. 1050
Church Knowledge [Eastern Orthodox] 2 Latin Fairly generic.
Church Knowledge (Judeo-Christian) [Talmudic roots] 5 Greek Annotations on the Bible by a Talmudic scholar
Church Lore [angels] 2 Latin? Beautifully illuminated book with pictures and tales of angels
Islam Lore (the Koran) [?] ? Arabic Rather elegant copy of the Koran
Humanities (music/tales) [Storytelling] -- Rumanian "Exploits of Jack the Giant-Deceiver"
Humanities [Classics] ? Latin Caesar's Gallic Wars
Humanities [Philosophy] ? Latin Book on the philosophy of combat (from at latest 975 ad)
Humanities [music only] ? Arabic Collections and Collations of Popular Folk Melodies, by Shafir
Humanities (mathematics only) [Mathematics] 4 = 5 Greek Annotations by Al-Khwarismi on Pythagoras
Humanities (philosophy only) [Philosophy] 3 Greek Plato's Timaeus
Humanities [Math, Philosophy] 1 Greek, Latin Miscellaneous materials
Humanities [literature] ? Latin Aristotle's Poetics
Humanities [Philosophy] 8 Greek Complete works of Aristotle, rescued from burning
Astrology [Prediction] 5 Arabic Techniques and Tables Relating to Predicting the Movements of Heavenly Bodies, and Annotations Pertaining to the Meanings Thereof, by Al-Kahazar
Farming Lore [animal, plant care] 1 Greek Written by a scholar who talked to farmers
? [?] ? Chinese Scroll: "Organization, Taxation, Large Cities, Surrounding Farms"
Area Lore: Mythic Europe [Geography] 6 Latin Collection of maps and traveller's journals
Area Lore: Far East [Geography] 3 Latin Collection of miscellaneous info of Cathay and other points east; can only learn at 2 xp per season, students lose 1 xp in 3
Area Lore: Far South [Geography] 3 Latin Collection of miscellaneous info of the realms of the Ring of Fire and south; can only learn at 2xp per season, students lose 1 xp in 3
Area Lore: Northlands [Geography] 3 Latin Collection of miscellaneous info of the realms of the Norsemen and Hyperborea; can only learn at 2xp per season, students lose 1xp in 3
Master Tharanos' languages collection, all for Latin speakers to learn other languages:
Speak Latin [formal speech]
Scribe Latin [reading silently] There are three copies in the library: one to remain pristine, two to be used by apprentices.
Speak Arabic [magical terminology]
Scribe Arabic [calligraphy]
Speak Greek [gutter]
Scribe Greek [deciphering enscriptions]
Speak Hebrew [romantic]
Scribe Hebrew [deciphering enscriptions]
Speak Hungarian [mercantile]
Speak Rumanian [romantic]
Speak Languedoc [romantic]
Speak German [gutter]
Speak Turkish [gutter]