Grimorium Cantabrigensis: being a collection of writings upon the subject of magic suitable for Dungeons and Dragons

contributions by Roger Dearnaley (Luinrod the Rainbow Wizard), Phil Nanson (Zirnt Magus, Gilgalan the Detective, and Arakin the Mad Botanist), John Dallman (Mandrillion and Scyllia), Tim Duckworth (Zoroastra), Steve Linton (Tauron), Kari Maund (Shalleen), and others.


Some of these documents are rather large, up to about 100kB of text, and so take a while to load completely. I have not divided them up into sub-documents because that would make them harder to print out, and if you decide to use any of these additional rules, you are likely to want to print them out for easy reference during play.

The "Enchanting Magical Items" section is also available for download as a Word 6.0 for Macintosh document Enchantment_System.doc which you can download and print out if you wish. Other sections may follow if anyone expresses a desire for them. (While in theory Word 6.0 documents are supposed to be cross-platform between Mac and Windows, in places it uses Mac fonts and the Mac extended character set, so if you are a Windows user you may find it needs some work before you can print it.)