Secrets of the Aristeia

The Aristeia has some enchantments that are not usually mentioned by the magi of Amurgsval.

Firstly, the hull itself was enchanted by a peculiar faerie-magic procedure that makes it somewhat more "alive" than most enchantments. This may lead to the Aristeia eventually becoming a being in its own right; Vector Tempestatum believes that if such a thing occurs, it should be loyal to its creator if treated well. If things work out in a particular way, it may become his familiar.

Felis Umbrosus enchanted the ship with an exceptional power of faerie glamour. Normally, the illusory power of the Aristeia is only used to make it seem somewhat less strange, masking the gems used in its construction and the Verditius runes along the gunwales. However, it is fully capable of making the vessel appear to be a train of horses and wagons, up to and including leaving the appropriate set of tracks! This is a twelfth rank enchantment.

In addition, the ship boasts a powerful "Veilcutter" enchantment, capable of producing a version of Tearing the Mystical Veil at the eighth rank, twenty-four times a day, boostable by up to eight pawns of vis. This is extremely helpful when investigating powerful regiones where the inhabitants might be somewhat displeased with the notion of the vessel entering-- or leaving.