Parma Argenta

Parma, as he is generally called, is Amurgsval's generalist and token Christian. Although the more specialized magi in the group can generally best him in any one field, he generally outclasses each of them in the arts they do not concentrate upon. He is often the magus to perform feats of spontaneous magic involving multiple art requisites, and is considered the leading scholar of Amurgsval. When Gambrinus goes Final Twilight, his duties as Head Researcher will pass to Parma.

Parma's Story

Although he had the usual problems of a Gifted child, young Piotr's life was blessed with a succession of friends and protectors. (This good fortune, along with the religious teachings of his first such protector, formed the basis of Parma's Christian faith.) He first found shelter with a kind-hearted religious man who studied at an Orthodox monastery outside St. Petersburg (who for some reason either did not notice or managed to ignore the boy's inexplicable, but powerful sense of oddness). Eventually as Georgi realized he was not up to the task of raising, nor in the position to raise, an inquisitive boy with a disturbing air, he remembered one of his academic acquaintences' mention of the signs of a child with the Gift. He introduced young Piotr to that Bonisagus master (Fortion of Novgorod), who was indeed pleased to take the boy as his apprentice. By the time his training was complete it was obvious to Fortion that although Piotr had the talents and many inclinations of a Bonisagus researcher, his magic was more suited to House Criamon. Since Fortion had friendly acquaintences at a little-known Criamon covenant in the far northeastern part of the tribunal, when Parma was ready to pass his gauntlet he was inducted into that house. He lived at Radis Magica (the Criamon covenant) for a decade.

When the masters of Radis Magica learned from scrying magics that a previously unknown and mysterious enemy of the Order was moving against them, that the covenant was likely to be destroyed, but that a small group might survive to carry word, they sent Parma, the most valuable consortis (the scribe), and some grogs on an errand to Novgorod, which although obviously not requiring a full magus and a scribe, was sufficient to keep them away during the event.

When Parma returned to Radis Magica, he discovered that the place had virtually disappeared. The cave complex was rearranged, the aura was lessened and infernally tainted, and the innermost areas of the covenant seemed to be inaccessible. He went back to Novgorod with the long-term plan of discovering what had happened and returning to Radis, and perhaps having some vengeance for the demise of his adoptive pater and his covenant.

Parma was a welcome guest at Novgorod for several years, studying in their library most of the time and sharing some of his vis supply to pay for occasional use of a laboratory. Eventually Parma met the magi of Amurgsval when they were visiting for a Novgorod Tribunal; in that group he met Aeolus of Criamon, who was also a Radis Magica alumnus and who also wanted to solve the mystery of their original covenant's demise.

It took some twenty more years before Parma and Aeolus, with their friends among the junior magi of Amurgsval, felt ready to address the force! that had destroyed a covenant, an archmage, and several leading Criamon masters. During that time Parma became a full member of Amurgsval, performed some enchantments and other tasks for which his generalization suited him well, and even took on an apprentice of his own.

Appearance and Personality

Parma is at the darker range of the Russian spectrum of pigmentation, except that he has white hair and blue eyes. He has a slightly thoughtful air, but is not so absent-minded or gentle as to be useless in battle. His hair and eyes, and the surprising catlike way his hair "fluffs" when he is angry or threatened, are influences from his very close bond with his familiar.

He has the Blatant Gift. He is usually in the company of an ounce (in modern parlance a snow leopard) with striking blue eyes, and he usually carries a hazel quarterstaff. He carries a shiny (silvered) target shield and a silvered mace, although he doesn't tend to ready the shield and he never wields the mace (it's a spell focus). He also has a ring! of obsidian set with clear glass, jet, and onyx.

At this time his quarterstaff! looks really gaudy, although he plans to enchant it to appear (or be able to appear) more normal someday. The staff has a big rock crystal capital, and is set with one each of agate, amber, aquamarine, bloodstone, catseye, crystal, jade, opal, quartz, red coral (small but fine), ruby, sapphire, and topaz, as well as inlays of sea shell and silver with recurring shapes of shields and daggers or swords. It also has all fifteen Verditius Runes in its designs.

Parma's familiar! (the ounce, silly!) is named Occulis Lapis after his most striking feature. Lapis' least striking feature! is of course not worth mentioning here because you wouldn't notice it.

Parma is intensely curious (+3), especially about magic. He is studious (+3), especially in regards to reading. He is also careful (+1), especially in regards to being alert for dangers. Despite these predelictions, he is also a bit kind (+1) and he especially enjoys being helpful. (He once delayed his researches for an enitre season to help fight a breakout of smallpox in a local village.) He also has some of the personality of an Ounce (+2), and has recently become more Discreet (+2), especialy when stalking. These last are obviously, at least to those who understand such things, the results of his relationship with his familiar.


Parma was born in 1174, and began his longevity potion at the usual 35. His abilities as listed here are as of Spring 1234. His potion is quite powerful, being worth no less than -23. He has no decrepitude points, and only one twilight point from his single Wizard's Twilight so far.

Int+3 (Knowledgeable)Per+2 (Accurate)
Str-2 (Scrawny-Armed)Sta+2 (Strong-Winded)
Pre-2 (Unassuming)Com0
Dex-2 (Clumsy))Qui-1 (Torpid)

Observable Virtues and Flaws

Observable Skills

Some of the skills you could notice Parma has by careful observation:
Speak Russian 4, Speak Latin 5, Speak Greek 3, Speak Rumanian 3, Speak Arabic 1
Scribe Latin 5, Scribe Norse 1, Scribe Greek 3, Scribe Arabic 2
Magic Theory 12
Enigmatic Wisdom 8
Chirurgy 2, Medicine 2
Leadership 2, Drinking 2, Piety 1, Folk Ken 1, Intrigue 1
Humanities 2, Astronomy 1, Church Lore 2, Faerie Lore 3, Occult Lore 2, Fantastic Beast Lore 3, Legend Lore 2, Church Knowledge 2
Hermes Lore 3, Hermetic Law 2
Alertness 1, Scan 2, Survival 1, Stealth 2
Spirit Lore 1
Weather Sense 3, Perfect Balance 1, Visions 2
Area Lore: Amurgsval 5, Nearby Woods 2, Europe 1, Transylvania Tribunal 1, Radis Magica 4 (useless), Novgorod Tribunal 1, Durenmar area 1

Attitude Summary

Unobvious Info About Parma! Is also available.