Feng Shui

This area of my web site is dedicated to the role-playing game Feng Shui, brought to you by Atlas Games. If you’re interested in the actual Chinese art of geomancy, try the Feng Shui Ultimate Resource, which is on the Wind and Water Webring.

These are the various games that we've been running with the Feng Shui system or its variants:

Seas of Chaos

In playing Feng Shui, it occurred to me that it could do high fantasy better than AD&D. The character creation document is the hypertext starting point. I’ve written up my character Narya online.

Force and Fury

The Star Wars RPG has excellent detail on the Star Wars universe, but is not that good at simulating the kind of action you get in the Star Wars movies. This is our own Star Wars conversion for Feng Shui; and my character Jath-Ren Selki is on the site.

Ring of Fire

I’ve been brainstorming up an alternative modern setting for Feng Shui that opens up the cosmology to throw in anything from the World of Darkness to Unknown Armies to Highlander to Cyberpunk 2020.

Underworld Restaurant

We started a standard Eating Counter-based campaign in order to learn the system before we start meddling with it, but ran out of inspiration after the first several sessions (though we watched a lot of great wuxia films!). We have some house rules, and I’ve written up my character Tabitha from that game. Check out Stupid Chi Tricks.

To facilitate printing things out, I've created a perl script to concatenate pages that can dump everything on the site.


Useful Feng Shui links include: