Gamemaster Only— Slothman

If you’re actually one of the players in the Twilight Brigade campaign, stay away from these— I don’t want to spoil any surprises.


Omega Order— a decker in trouble
Seattle Action Theatre— will you have a little Feng Shui with your Shadowrun, ma’am?
The Brains Race— if you thought Theora and Dan were scary with the mnemonic enhancers, encephalons, and cerebral boosters...
One-night adventures— some quickies that may be foreshadowing for something else.
Operation Toffler— future shock treatment
Toxics— an excuse for radiation accidents when entering SR3


Weirdness Magnet events
UCAS secrets
Miscellaneous NPC Personalities
Fire and Forget, a much more typical shadowrunning team
The Gonzorunners, another team that works for our fixer
Data Haven Apeiron
Genomics AG
Major Players in the Shadowrun world
Ecotage groups
Even Lofwyr Sleeps Uneasily
Unusual Astral Quest Tests

Work in Progress

Economics of Shadowrunning
Night City
Tough Love
A Survey of Eastern Magic
Notes for running Bottled Demon
The Newsstand of 2055
Technological Toys
Johnny Doppler’s Road Trip and Vision Quest
Fall of the Megacorps
Twenty Questions from Harlequin and answers from Cats, Barry, Theora, Johnny.
I don’t seem to be coming up with as many “screw the runners” scenarios as FASA seems to think are common. The runners also aren’t in the habit of negotiating fees, probably due to my tendency to come up with reasonable fees. Part of it is that I don’t think it’s economically sensible for a Johnson to do that: if you’re a pro, you can’t pull anything like that, and if you’re corporate, you risk getting made. If you can avoid getting made (possibly by sending the runners to their doom), then it may be an acceptable risk...

The runners spend very little effort trying to figure out their Johnsons; their Johnsons seem to put in a fair amount of effort to remain anonymous. I don’t know where FASA expects runners to find out about their Johnsons when they’re dealing with professional middlemen who are either known for their discretion or for their anonymity. Sure, if the guy pulls up in a well-registered vehicle or uses his personal credstick to pay for dinner, that’ll give clues, but most of them won’t do that.

I expect “screw the runners” scenarios are not all that common: you don’t want this use of deniable assets to be your last one. A Johnson can welch by no longer being at the contact number, if the job doesn’t involve a final meet to pass over a particular item. Something with this happening might be useful for the runners to improve their SOP for getting information on their Johnsons. Alternatively, they can pay in tagged cred that will make it easier to track the runners for purposes of blackmailing them into doing jobs later.