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Roger Dearnaley Mara Kaehn Paul Meyer Max Rible Kaehn
Melinda Miller David Hixon Rachael Hixon Sandra Jacobs
Rick Savelli Wendy Werges Lori Tharp Jo Gerrard
David Cole Katrina Illari Bill Robinson Nicky Robinson
Elaine Fleming

If you’re job-hunting, you might want to look at IntelliMatch, The Monster Board, The Adderley Group, Scientific Placement, Hall-Kinion, PartnersSearch, James Moore & Associates, Optimum, Inc.. Paul recalls this list of important factors in jobs, from a Dale Carnegie management course that somebody took. If you know where we could find a more accurate reference-- this is from memory-- please let us know.

  1. The company’s future: its business plan, financial situation, leadership.
  2. The corporate culture: whether you enjoy being there. What kind of hours do they work, the dress code, etc.
  3. Your career path: how you can grow when you’re working for the company.
  4. Your current project: how you enjoy the work you’re doing.
  5. Who your boss is: this is probably going to change every year and a half to three years.
  6. Opportunity to learn something new: you can almost always arrange to do this.
  7. Money: It’s easy to change, and can’t make up for deficiencies in the previous items.